Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Posters: Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes by Mark Reihill

The Walking Dead Posters featuring Rick Grimes
Part of the AMC The Walking Dead art show at Hero Complex Gallery.

"Rick Grimes" by Mark Reihill (Markreihill)

A Long Way From Home by Rich Pellegrino   Rick by Cuyler Smith

"A Long Way From Home" by Rich Pellegrino (RichPellegrino)
"Rick" by Cuyler Smith (Cuylers5)

Shane’s 2nd Send Off by Dan Lazarow

"Shane’s 2nd Send Off" by Dan Lazarow

Maybe you people are better off without me by Oliver Barrett

"Maybe you People are better off Without me" by Oliver Barrett (Oliverbarrett)

Zombies! by Matt Ferguson

"Zombies!" by Matt Ferguson (CakesandComics)

Rick by Zoltron

"Rick" by Zoltron

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