Monday, October 28, 2013

Sculpture: Ways Of Seeing

"Ways Of Seeing (Test)" by Joe Black, 2013.

15,000 Hand-painted test tubes, coated in resin and mounted on a dye-cut aluminum disc.
"Joe Black is known for making massive mosaic-like works based on popular imagery, using large quantities of manufactured miniature objects. Black, who is uncomfortable being called a professional artist, received his training in sculpture before working in illustration and commercial art. To make his works, Black says that he will use anything small and plentiful—ball bearings, Lego bricks, button pins, toy figurines—as long as it relates to the image. For example, his work Made in China (2011) depicts a famous 1938 portrait of a Chinese boy soldier, crafted from over 5,500 toy soldiers manufactured in China."

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