Friday, October 7, 2011

Sweets: Super Mario Wedding Cake

This special gaming cake was the focal point at the wedding of Flickr user M.A.L., and everything you see is 100% edible. The planet design is inspired by Super Mario Galaxy and features a Rainbow Road track (which Luigi is racing on) wrapped around it. The interior is filled with bittersweet chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream, and chocolate mousse. The cake was created by Beth from Let Them Eat Cake in Costa Mesa, California. It was inspired by atl text's SuperMario Wedding Cake photos.

Not only is this an incredible looking cake, it was by far the best tasting cake we have ever had! You are not going to want any other pastries after you have tried the goodies from Let Them Eat Cake bakery!
We were looking for ideas to make our wedding different and our own, a unique wedding cake was one of the things we came up with. My wife suggested the idea of having a video game cake after we saw one online. We wanted a game that we both enjoyed and decided on the game series we have spent the most time playing together.

Coincidentally, the latest Mario Kart game was released on the same weekend of our wedding. This cake was designed with elements from multiple Mario Kart games, as well as a few aspects from other Super Mario Bros. games.

The two elements that we wanted in the cake was Princess Peach's Castle and the Rainbow Road. Beth the culinary artist from Let Them Eat Cake did an amazing job. The Rainbow Road and the castle's stained glass is made from the same hard candy found in lollipops.

If this is not the best cake topper, I don't know what is.

Mario standing on a question block to receive a kiss from his princess. This idea came from the Super Mario Adventures comic series published in a 1992 Nintendo Power magazine. The design is also a personal one, the groom has had to step on apple boxes for portraits ever since high school.

Mario's brother riding his green Classic Dragster on the Rainbow Road around a starry planet.

Toad driving his Cheep Charger through a snowy mountain filled with snowmen, penguins and Chain Chomps.

Mario's trusty dinosaur steed on his very own Mach Bike.

The side of the mountain is covered with mushrooms, turtle shells and Piranha Plants.

Triple Mushrooms and an item box.

A preliminary sketch of our wedding cake by Beth. We were pretty much sold on Let Them Eat Cake after tasting their pastries and seeing samples of their past work. Having a friendly and easy to work with baker was... well the frosting on the cake. We felt we made the right choice in choosing Beth for our Mario cake when on the way out of the bakery we heard her ring tone, it was the Super Mario Bros. theme.

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