Monday, October 17, 2011

Link Round-Up: October 17, 2011

Random act of Star Wars.

F*ck You! Pay Me! Customers not wanting to pay for work done (or pay less than what was originally agreed to) is a common problem that many business owners run into. In this 40 minute video, Mike Monteiro, a web designer, and his lawyer offer advice on how to get clients to pay up. The talk is aimed at freelancers and small firms that provide creative services.

Makerbot shows you how to create a laser cut cardboard version of the Tardis.

Matthew Goodman created a time-lapse video showing five weeks of Burning Man using a Canon EOS 500D set up on Razorback mountain to snap 8,000 12-megapixel photographs. Here's how he did it.

Steve Jobs Book Excerpt: Why he wore the Black Mock Turtleneck uniform

Take 36 mobile phone camera modules and put them in this and throw it in the air and you get this. Action video of Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera (seen at the top of the page).

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