Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Music Video: Video Game Heroes

The Greatest Video Games Music
performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra

At the Vision Sound Music Festival at Southbank Centre, concert on September 2nd 2011. Conducted by Andrew Skeet.

Experience total orchestral immersion in the worlds of Advent Rising Halo Bioshock Dead Space Mass Effect Battlefield Call of Duty Splinter Cell Elder Scrolls Final Fantasy Legend of Zelda Myst World of Warcraft Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Angry Birds Tetris Super Mario Bros Enemy Zero 007: Blood Stone Little Big Planet Grand Theft Auto Metal Gear Solid.

Immerse yourself in the music that brings your favourite video games alive, played by a full live symphony orchestra. The evening offers a rare opportunity to enjoy a captivating experience that conjures up both a taste of nostalgia and a sense of adventure.

1 comment:

  1. This is epic! Whenever orchestral music plays out of its comfort zone, the sound is always amazing.


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