Friday, September 9, 2011

Fresh Take: Hipster Potter

devianARTist Rotae created these hilarious hipster Harry Potter illustrations to celebrate the release of the last Harry Potter movie. Harry Potter meshes together with the whole hipster culture surprisingly well. Ron and Snape are particularly good.
Part of my new, "We go to a school in Scotland. You've probably never heard of it." series XDDD Yay hipster!Harry! XD
A continuation of my new series: "We go to a school in Scotland... you've probably never heard of it"

Hipster!Ron Had a hard time deciding whether to go with the whole Scabbers/Peter thing or him going for the Chudley Cannons because it's so mainstream to support the winning team (see: his attack on Cho b/c she supported the Tornadoes - Hipster!Ron is so canon XD)
Part the Third of "We go to a school in Scotland... you've probably never heard of it" - Hipster!Hermione

So apparently hipsters have this thing where triangles represent "who they are" or something, idek XDDD ANYWAY. It seemed appropriate that I should have a reference to the Deathly Hallows, what with the triangle and all

[And now you know why I don't really draw animals... LOL]

Fourth in the "We go to a school in Scotland... you've probably never heard of it" series

Draco was difficult! I had a hard time coming up with something for him because he's never really been original because he's so traditional! LOL. He's a leader of boys, but a follower of men, so that didn't really work, until my good friend LadyDae suggested him hating Harry! OF COURSE. He did actually hate Harry before all the other kids hated him in CoS (Heir of Slytherin) and OotP (liar etc.) XD

My other good friend kiwifire and I both thought about having Draco as the anti-Hipster, "Being a hipster is so mainstream" XDDD And then I had to decide, and the former won out

I actually got to give Draco a hipster-ish kinda trait - the badge thing. So there's Potter Stinks (obv.), his prefect badge, his inquisitorial squad badge, his Weasley Is Our King badge and I made him a Death Eater badge too XDDD LMAO.
Thanks to Finchburg for the wording on this one

I find young, Hipster!Snape actually quite the cutest thing I've ever seen XDDD I swear I didn't mean to do it, it just happened XDDD

In 5 days and 30 minutes I'll be seeing the last Harry Potter film O.o

Hagrid was surprisingly - and slightly horrifyingly - easy to hipsterise XDDD

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  1. I love these hipster drawings. All we need is a Voldemort one that says, "Having only one soul is too mainstream"

    Though how would he be able to wear those hipster glasses since he has no nose ...


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