Friday, July 22, 2011

Link Round-Up: July 22, 2011

The Apple Logo and the Golden Ratio

9 Classic Album Covers Re-Imagined With ‘Harry Potter’ Characters

Andrew Le puts the TARDIS in travel posters for fun.

Destroy Your Hard Drive is a handy sticker to help you when the secret police break down your door.

Harry Potter and the Rest of His Life

Pop-Cultured Currency - Technically, defacing US currency is a crime – but artist James Charles doesn’t seem to be in any legal trouble for his awesome series of Pop Culture Cash. His portraits, created on real money using ink, turn dead presidents into colorfully amusing pop culture icons. Alternate site with larger pics.

Running from Camera: 1) Put the self-timer on 2 seconds. 2) Push the button and run away.

Steampunk-Themed Office Space for Three Rings Design Office: Creative workspaces are clearly getting more noticed in a world where everyone needs to concentrate and enjoy their work. The Three Rings Design Office located in San Francisco was created as an intriguing steampunk-themed office space that inspires and fortifies the talent of the people working here.

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