Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweets: Android Cupcakes

The little guys come in both vanilla and chocolate flavor, and they are available for sale this Friday from the Superham store, although they don’t come cheap.  Gary Ham writes:

The Android cupcakes are ready for consumption! This coming Thursday and Friday the Artist Proofs of the scrumptious smelling Android cupcakes will be available for purchase via my webstore. There are 24 of Vanilla and 8 of Chocolate, the chase and rarest of the bunch. Vanilla will be $30 plus S&H and Chocolate will be $50 plus S&H. Each cupcake will come signed and numbered and with a corresponding limited edition print. The AP's will be sold at random times of the day Thursday and Friday March 24th and 25th. For advanced noticed, follow me on twitter @GaryGepetto.
Source: Superham


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