Monday, March 7, 2011

Crafts: Astronomer Matryoshkas

Astronomatryoshkas by Nate Bellegarde

These nesting dolls are too awesome for words.  Someone needs to begin manufacturing these for the Easter baskets of little geeks around the world.  Nate writes: 
"My girlfriend is majoring in Astronomy, so for her birthday I made some astronomer matryoshkas. She is really awesome so I tried to make a gift as awesome as she is. I had planned them out for months and it was great to finally be able to give them to her and see the look on her face as she opened each one. These were done with acrylic on wood (I am really rusty at painting and acrylics are maybe my least favorite medium :/), and I kind of cheated and used a brush pen for the black lines, since I couldn't really pull off the detail in paint. The downside is that the ink from the pens comes off the paint when you handle them so I have to put a varnish on them. Hopefully, if you know anything about famous astronomers, you can guess who they are (without cheating!)"
Nicolaus Copernicus
Galileo Galilei
Isaac Newton
Carl Sagan
Stephen Hawking

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  1. My 2nd and 3rd grade students and I came across this BLOG entry while looking up different scientists. They BEGGED me to contact you and ask if I could get a doll set for our classroom. Please contact me and let me know if you would be willing to make another set and sell it to us.They are WONDERFUL!!!

    Thanks so much!


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