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Sci-Fi Round-Up: July 11, 2017

"Motoko" by China-based Seaway Liu



5 Instances Where Star Wars caused Crimes In Real Life
A New Featurette On Luc Besson's Valerian
Alien: Covenant 4K Hdr Blu-Ray Coming In August With A Ton Of ...
Algorithm Decrypts Brain-On-Chip Signals
Anthem Release Date, Gameplay News: Bioware Title's Arrival, Story ...
Arclight Films Sets Sci-Fi feature With Sarik Andreasyan To Direct
Batman: Gotham By Gaslight Will Be The Next Dc Animated Film!
Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk' Obliterates Competition On Social Media
Cyborg Dragonflies Are Officially A Reality After Tiny Insects Complete ...
Darpa To Spend $65 Million On Human Brain Modem
Fear The Walking Dead Will Return In September
Finalists For The Fourth Annual Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Have Been Announced
Heinlein Scholarship Recipients
Is This Star Wars Chess Set Worth Hk$1 Million?
John Krasinski To Re-Write And Direct Thriller Starring Emily Blunt
John Williams Won't Score Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One'
Kalashnikov Develops Fully Automated Neural Network-Based Combat Module
Mac Rogers' Sci-Fi thriller Steal The Stars To Premiere With ...
Mondo's Fantastic Pop Culture Posters Are Getting A Gorgeous New ...
NASA Prepares To Fight Fungus In Space And On Other Planets
New Footage Is Out For 'The Dark Tower' In The Second ...
Not Happy That 'Castlevania' Was So Short? Netflix Has A Longer ...
One Supporting Character From 'Venom' May Have Been Revealed
Penthouse Resurrects Sex Mogul's Old Omnisci-Fimagazine
Planet Of The Apes Flags Dangers Of Lack Of Empathy, Actor Serkis Says
Ridley Scott Wants To Bring Ripley Into His Prequels
Samsung Has Manufactured, And Deployed, An Autonomous Sentry Gun
Sci-Fi novel 'Who Fears Death' From Illinois Writer In Series ...
Science Fiction vs Science Fact: World's Leading Ai Experts
Scientists Just Teleported A Photon From Earth To Orbit
Scified's Guide To San Diego Comic-Con 2017!
Spider-Man Swings To One Of Year's Highest Openings
'Star Wars #33' Has Luke And Leia Stranded On A Watery Planet
Star Wars Battlefront II Star Cards Benefits Explained
Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Details Revealed
Star Wars: Battlefront II Beta Kicks Off October 6
Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Release Date Locked In: How To Gain Access
Star Wars Battlefront II Announces Multiplayer Beta Details
Star Wars Battlefront II Open Beta Dated For October
Synergy Andscience: Penthouse Acquires Beloved Omni Magazine
The 2017 Chesley Awards Winners Have Been Announced
The Exorcist Hits The Road For Season 2 And Casts Star Trek's John Cho
'The Exorcist' Season 2 Beams John Cho Onto The Cast And ...
The Grudge To Get The Reboot Treatment By Director Nicolas Pesce
The Latest On Bond: Daniel Craig Is Reportedly Back
The Winners For The 2016 Australian Shadows Awards Announced
This Is What You'll Find In The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Open Beta This ...
Twisty The Clown Returning To American Horror Story Season 7
Universal Lands 'Swan Lake' Pitch Starring Felicity Jones (Exclusive)
Valerian Reviews: A 'Razzie Award Frontrunner' To 'One Of The Best ...
Who Fears Death In Development At Hbo With George R.R. Martin Producing, Author Says
Wildwestonline Gameplay Unveiled Along With Early Bird Program
Winners Of The Heinlein Society’s Annual Undergraduate Scholarships
Woody Harrelson: 'Andy Serkis Is An Incredible Actor'


Valerian: First Look: Really Dazzling, Really Dopey
Valerian: Luc Besson's Sci-Fi Adventure Is A Dazzling Delight
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets: "Delevingne [...] doesn’t just save Alpha; she saves the movie as well. And though audiences may not be clamoring for a “Valerian” sequel after this, another “Laureline” adventure would be most welcome."
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets Is A Sci-Fi Visual Treat
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets Is No 'The Fifth Element'
Valerian And The City of A Thousand Planets Is Like ‘Star Wars’ on Crystal Meth
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets: three elements out of five
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets What The Critics Are Saying
Thrawn By Timothy Zahn From Del Rey Books
War For The Planet Of The Apes A Rollercoaster Conclusion To Trilogy
Winter Tide by Ruthanna Emrys


10 Best Science Fiction Books Of 2017 - Awesome Books To Add To Your Reading List!
10 Biggest Summer Movie Flops Of All Time
All Of Omni Free Online
Blood Is Not Always Thicker Than Water: The 7 Best Surrogate ...
Can Robots Teach Us What It Means To Be Human?
Darpa Is Spending $65 Million To Fund Brain-Computer Interfaces ...
Final Season Of The Strain Enters The Apocalypse
Game Of Thrones: Five Inspirations For George RR Martin's Novels ...
Hacking The Brain: The Future Computer Chips In Your Head
Han Solo Movie 'In Very Capable Hands,' Says Woody Harrelson
Harrelson Comments On Han Solo Change
Holographic Princess Leia And Mcquarrie Concept Han Solo ...
How Algorithms Divulge Details About Us In Unexpected Ways
How Old Is Christopher Eccleston, When Did He Play Doctor Who And ...
I Have Waited 20 Years For This Season Of Game Of Thrones
'I Was Hooked For Life':Sciencewriters On The Books That Inspired Them
Leaked 'Han Solo' Set Photos Look Like The Perfect Seventies ...
Medical Law Expert On Womb Transplants, Unisex Pregnancy
Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Voice Cast Includes TV's Biggest Names
More San Diego Comic Con Trek-Themed Panels
Neill Blomkamp Seeks To Revolutionize The Sci-Fi genre With The ...
Octavia Butler: Writing Herself Into The Story
People Are Obsessed With Target's Science shirts, Just For Girls
Planet Of The Apes Movies Ranked!
Princess Leia, Han Solo Immortalized In These 'Star Wars' Comic ...
Ridley Scott Has An Idea To Work Ripley Into His 'Alien' Prequels
Russia's New Armor Concept Looks Like Something Out Of Sci-Fi...
Sci-Fi Author Rob Reid Targets Book At The Tech-Savvy Crowd Via ...
Spider-Man Homecoming: All The Easter Eggs We Spotted
Star Wars' Oscar Isaac Opens Up About The Death Of His Mother
The Blade Runner Universe Is 'More Brutal' In Blade Runner 2049
The Dark Tower Trailer Promises A Sci-Fi Martial Arts Wild West ...
The Man Behind Playing Caesar In 'Warfor The Planet Of The Apes'
The Original Planet Of The Apes Series Became More Daring From ...
This Wearable Mri Device Could Help Us Read Minds
War for The Planet Of The Apes Star Woody Harrelson Was Freaking Out
Watch: Battlestar Galactica Cast Reunites To Reflect On Series' Legacy
Westside's Costume Designer Teaches Us How To Dress
Westworld Season 2 Hints Come Tumbling Out In Advance Of Comic ...
Westworld Season 2 Spoilers: Will Hosts Gain Control Of The Park?
Where Did All The Original Movies Go?!
Why Bandai Namco’s Get Even didn’t need to be delayed after the Manchester terrorist attackt
Why The Ephemeral Nature Of Online Games Poses A Challenge For Historians
Why We Love Millie Bobby Brown
Will John Simm's Master Return To 'Doctor Who'?
Young Author Publishes Debut Sci-Fi adventure Novel
Zero One: 7 Sci-Firobots In The Real World
Zoo: So It's Come To This: Cbs's Sci-Fi animal Spectacular Is On The List


Neos City by Jordangrimmer
Wonder Woman Vs. Ares Concept Art


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