Monday, January 16, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: January 16, 2017

ROGUE ONE Concept Sketch, detail. Copic markers


Bruce Sterling on dieselpunk, alternate history, fascism and the political moment
Denis Villeneuve On Living Up To "Blade Runner" Sequel Expectations
Eating Authors: Jody Lynn Nye



The Girl With All The Gifts: A Modern Zombie Classic
Rogue One is good because it ends: How to fix the problem with cinematic universes
Veronica Roth's "Carve The Mark" Dazzles The Mind But Not ...


Bruce Sterling On Dieselpunk, Alternate History, Fascism And The ...
Captive State: Everything You Need To Know About the Sci-Fi movie
Democracy 3.0: A Science-Fiction story About What Comes Next
Doctor Who: 10 Things You May Not Know About Forest of the Dead
Does Westworld tell a truer story than a novel can?
The Episodic Network Television Model Failed Westworld
Europe is prepping for a world where robots need rights
Here’s Why Rogue One Failed to Take Off in China
How Darth Vader Got His Groove Back in Rogue One
How Rogue One Brought Back Familiar Faces
How Westworld Helped AMC's Humans
It's Like Westworld, But For Real
James Cameron Making Documentary Series About Evolution Of Sci-Fi
Marines use science fiction to envision, prepare for the battlefield of the future
Parallel Worlds Science or Sci-Fi?
Passengers Stranded On Movie world ride
Pop Culture Is Having a Metaphysical Moment
The Punisher Netflix Series: What Can We Expect
Rogue One's reshoots show how Disney saved the first standalone Star Wars movie
Save The Princess: Speculation On The Future Of Leia
Sci-Fi Blockbusters like Passengers are Trading Violence for Technophobia
Scientists Are Slowly Figuring Out The Best Personality Types For Robots
Stranger Things, Westworld, and Mr. Robot: What’s driving our fascination with sci-​​fi?
Science Fiction as A Tool In La Roche College Writing Class
Science Fiction hotels Already Exist.
Stanley Kubrick And Arthur C. Clark, The Odd Couple Of Science Fiction
Star Wars: Episode VIII Title: What Will It Be?
Star Wars: why the new trilogy has to look forward, not back
Vault Comics Powerless Makes Superpowers Less Unique
Was Isaac Asimov a useful idiot for our robot overlords?
Watch Mark Hamill Reunite With His Original Lightsaber
Westworld, Dark Souls, And Why "Want" Defines Us
Westworld season 2: release date, cast, filming, fan theories
Why Peter Thiel Fears a Star Trek Future



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