Monday, November 21, 2016

Link Round-Up: November 21, 2016

"Doctor Strange" by Fred Ian

After experimenting with "Ottoman Star Wars" for his graduation thesis portfolio, Istanbul artist Murat Palta created a series of illustrations for classic Hollywood films in the style of Ottoman miniatures, including, among others - The Godfather, Alien, Ghostbusters. Rich in detail and full of humor, he extends his attempt at 'combining global with local, traditional with contemporary...', by turning to classics of Western Literature - Don Quixote, Lolita, Harry Potter.

Can You Pick Out All the References in This Action-Packed Scifi Poster Mashup?

Pokemon turned into traditional Japanese woodblock prints

Star Trek: The Next Generation garden gnomes should be at the top of your list of geek decor.

TETSUO! KANEDA!! An edit of Akira.

There's an Entire Art Show Dedicated to MythBusters

Twitter Tats is a service that turns tweets from famous people into temporary tattoos with sets that pull from celebrities, tech titans, and sports stars with more collections coming soon. Each pack comes with five selected tweets printed with clear backgrounds that can easily be applied to the skin.

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