Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sci-Fi Round-Up: September 13, 2016

Alien 3 “Part of the Family” by John Barry Ballaran

Alien 3 “Part of the Family” by John Barry Ballaran
Prints available for purchase from Cultclassicprints. £48



Arrival Director Denis Villeneuve Is Hoping To Helm A 'Dune' Remake
Black Mirror Creator Breaks Silence On Season 3 Episodes
A Remake Of Cult '80S Sci-Fi Movie 'Alien Nation' Is In The Works
Benicio Del Toro In Talks To Star In Predator Reboot
Hbo's Western Sci-Fi westworld Gets A New Poster
Like Ridley Scott, The Director Of 'Blade Runner 2' Does Not Have Final Cut
New sci-Fi show Westworld Is Mapped Out For The "Next 5 Or 6 Years"
Robb Stark Joins Amazon'S scifi show Titled Strange New Things ...
Science Fiction meets Music (Fanatically) At Jupiter Disco
Star Wars: Battlefront Bespin Free Play Preps Players For Death ...
Star Warssoundtrack To Get New Vinyl Release
Star Warsactor Returns To His North-East Roots To Take On Local Drama
The Historic Truth About science Fiction from HG Wells To Star Trek
We Finally Know What Netflix Is Cooking Up For The New Season Of 'Black Mirror'
When Is Steven Spielberg'S Birminghamsci-Fi Moviebeing Released?
Will Daniel Radcliffe Return For Another 'Harry Potter' Film?
Blade Runner 2 Director Denis Villeneuve Wants To Remake Dune


Arrival Review: A Soulfulsci-Fiinstant Classic
Arrival Reviews: Amy Adams Shines In Philosophicalsci-Fidrama At ...
Oscar Favorite 'Arrival' Is One Of The Bestmoviesof The Year 
'Alien Nation' Movie Remake Of 80Ssci-Fitv Show To Be Directed ...
'Arrival' And Five Other Upcomingsci-Fi Filmsand Tv Shows To Look Out ...
'Arrival': Deep-Thinkscience Fictionfrom The Director Of 'Sicario'
'Stranger Things' Relevantly Harnesses '80Ssci-Fiaesthetics
12 Games Fromscience Fictionand Fantasy We'D Love Real ...
13 Movies Bostonians Should Know About This Fall
13Science Fictionauthors On How Star Trek Influenced Their Lives
21 Sexysci-Fi Moviesto Watch When Regular Sexy Movies Aren'T ...
All Thesci-Fi Moviesand Tv Shows Hitting Netflix, Amazon Prime And ...
Anne Hathaway's "Colossal" May Be The Weirdest Movie Of The Year!
Barrier Is a science-Fiction comic That America Needs Right Now
Benicio Del Toro In Talks For "Predator" Reboot
Best Indiansci-Fi Movies
Bryan Thao Worra Named President Of Thescience Fictionpoetry ...
China'S Hugo Award-Winningsci-Fistory Is Eerily Real For Some ...
Chinesescience Fictionnovels Winning Awards, Growing In Popularity
Christopher Eccleston Regrets Having Left Doctor Who So Quickly
Cleveland Natural History Museum Sorting Outsci-Fi Moviefacts ...
Endless Space 2 Shows A Lot Ofsci-Fistrategy Potential
Finally, A Hollywoodsci-Fialienmoviewith A Linguist As The Hero
Fivemovies Sci-Fijunkies Can Look Forward To This Autumn
Grand Admiral Thrawn Has Hera In His Grip In New 'Star Wars...
Grant Morrison Talks About Running Heavy Metal, The Classicscifi...
Has Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong'O Been Cut Fromstar Warsepisode 8?
Hating Parts Of Star Trek Is An Essential Part Of Loving Star Trek
Howsci-Fitried To Warn Us About The Evils Of Advertising
Howsci-Fiand Fantasy Authors And Publishers Can Take ...
Hugo Awards Celebrate Women Insci-Fi, Send Rabid Puppies To ...
James Mcavoy Wanted Forsci-Fithriller Extinction
Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Prattsci-Fi romance Passengers ...
Maz Kanata May Have Been Cut Fromstar Warsepisode 8
Morgan Continuessci-Fitrend Of The Artificially Perfect Woman
New Shape-Shifting Autonomous Car Learns Your Behaviors And Preferences
One Magazine, Many Worlds
Passengers: Poster Arrives For Jennifer Lawrence &Amp; Chris Prattsci...
Quantum Dragon Rockets Intosci-Fitheater
Rogue One: Astar Warsstory'S Felicity Jones On Film'S Rebels
Sci-Fithriller Morgan Is A Striking But Predictable Modern Monster ...
Science Fiction!Science Fiction!
Science Fictionis About To Become Hollywood'S Next Huge ...
Science Fiction: Boldly Going For 50 Years
Science Fictionicon David Gerrold Reflects On 50 Years Of 'Star Trek'
Scifieye: Driverless Dream Or Autonomous Nightmare?
September 12, 2016 - Top 5 Dangerous Drugs Inscience Fiction
Seriously, Rogue One'S Toy Stories Are Way Funnier Than They Have ...
Seth Rogen'Ssci-Ficomedy 'Future Man' Is Hulu-Bound
Star Trek At 50: How Thesci-Fitv Show Changed Everything
Star Trek Tech: Fromscience Fictionto Science Fact
Star Wars: Battlefront Bespin Dlc - Free Play For One Week
Star Wars: Rogue One - Predicting Who Lives And Who Dies
Telluride 2016: Villeneuve'S 'Arrival' Is Intelligentsci-Fifor The Times
The 7 Most Freakishly Accurate Waysscience Fictionpredicted The ...
The Surprising Intersection Of Islam Andscifi
Thesci-Ficard Game 'Star Crusade Ccg' Has Released
This 'Hands-On' Drone Looks Straight Out Of Asci-Finightmare
This Usb Stick Is Basically Directly Out Of Asci-Fimovie And We'Re ...
Three Horrorsci-Fi Filmsthat Could Use A Remake
Updated: The 12 Bestsci-Fitv Shows You Can Stream Right Now On ...
Where's The Diversity Insci-Fi? Five Authors To Read Now
Why You Should Read China's Favorite sci-Fi epic
Wired Book Club: It'S Time For The Hugo-Winning Hardsci-Fiof ...
We Were Wrong About Where The Moon Came From
Weirder Thanscience Fiction: How Sea Urchins Reproduce
Who Are Rey'S Parents Instar Wars: The Force Awakens?
Why We Should Followscience Fiction
X-Men: Apocalypse (Photo: 20Th Century Fox) X-Men: Apocalypse ...
Your Essentialsci-Fireading List For The Rest Of 2016




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