Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gallery: Monsterous Gingerbread Houses

I have nightmares about my dessert biting back that start something like this. These monstrous gingerbread house is the creation of German Kaiju artist Paul Kaiju. Paul has been doing these for a few years now, and each one is more incredible than the next. Not only are they fun to look, they're also completely edible.

Paul has certainly outdone himself once again this year, with even more realistically insane icicle/icing work. I’m also impressed with how he has actually managed to position the house so that it’s posed as if it's about to pounce!

Here's Paul’s Gingerbread Spirit from 2008. You can clearly see from comparing with the Gingerbread Spirit from 2007 below how much his technique has improved.  I'm definitely bookmarking his Flickr Photo Set to check next year.

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