Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Link Round-Up: September 29, 2010

These 5" Samurai Pumpkin Mini Qees (PURE Edition) by Jon Paul Kaiser will be debuted by Toy2R at the coming New York Comic Con. If you can't make the trip, pre-order the Pumpkin for $28.

Blastr has posted a gallery of 50 years of futuristic concept cars

A brief history of the Art of the New York Times Op/Ed  Page

Dark Roasted Blend offers a collection of Vintage & Modern Concept Buses

The Incredible Fitting Room bolsters your self-confidence

My friend, the dead tree. For five years, Kevin Day has been photographing a single dead tree at Langley Country Park in Berkshire. He talks a little about the process at theMET.

Mural Locator highlights street art around the world

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