Friday, December 19, 2014

Fan Art Round-Up: Bilbo Baggins

Watch the time lapse video of this painting being made.

Bilbo Baggins Fan Art Gallery

The cool thing about Hobbit art tributes is that creators have over 75 years of source material for inspiration, so some of it is based entirely on the books, some on the 1977 cartoon, and some on Jackson's films.  The result is a dizzying gamut that demonstrates just how much impact this story has had throughout the years.

"Hobbit : Bilbo" by Thailand-based Rosekira

"The Hobbit" by Finland-based Linda Kindt (Isriana)

"The Hobbit" by Enrique Rivera (3nrique)

"Background Hobbit" by France-based Marianne (Pikku-Piru)

"An Ent and a Hobbit." by France-based Armand Dimitri (LordMishkin)

"The Hobbit" by Australia-based Bouglas Holgate (Douglasbot)

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