Monday, December 22, 2014

Comic Round-Up: December 22, 2014

Hulk Sit on Santa

"Hulk Sit on Santa" by Toronto, Canada-based Mike Del Mundo

Interviews: Brian K. Vaughan talks about his hit series Saga

Interviews: Comic Riffs interviews Matt Bors, editor of The Nib, the comics section of the website The Medium, which has become the go-to site for journalism and commentary in comics form.

Interviews: Hoodline interviews Frank McGinn, owner of San Francisco’s Amazing Fantasy comic shop, who has worked in the store since the 1980s and bought the business in 2000. Named after the comic that introduced Spider-Man, the store has been around longer than most other businesses and is one of the few in the area that still takes orders for back issues, McGinn said.

Interviews: Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca, creators of the Image Comics series Shutter, talk about how they got started, how they create the world of the book, and how they work together and with the others on the creative team.

Interviews: Kieron Gillen discusses The Wicked + and The Divine, his collaboration with Jamie McKelvie. “There’s a big fight around issue 30,” he teases, just as the sixth issue goes on sale, “and it’s very much explicitly planned to be my attempt to be the greatest fight scene of all time.”

News: Graphic novel Pyongyang's film killed because of Sony hacks

Reviews: Jake Austen on Hospital Suite.  Bob Levin on S. Clay Wilson's ABC.  Brian NIcholson on Janus. Matt Seneca on Here.  Tim O'Shea on Dr. Mirage.  Keith Silva on Operation Margarine.

Alex Abad-Santos examines how Marvel has created a mystique around its writers’ retreats, using the necessary secrecy to transform the planning meetings “into something fans are genuinely interested in.” The piece goes beyond that, however, touching upon recent accusations of sexism, and the inclusion of newly Marvel-exclusive writer G. Willow Wilson in this month’s retreat.

Geek Tyrant takes a guess as to How Ant-Man May Connect to Captain America: Civil War

The Good Comics for Kids bloggers pick the top 10 graphic novels for young readers.

Nothing funny about adults reading comics: The success of graphic novels confirms the trend from a print culture to a visual one

The Publishers Weekly critics vote for the best graphic novels of the year.

Rachael Jolley takes a long and wide view of the pressures that political cartoonists are subject to, looking at several recent attempts to suppress editorial cartoonists as well as the history of tensions between creators of political cartoons and those they portray; the article also includes comments from Neil Gaiman on the topic of censorship

She Has No Head! CBR on Defining Superheroes

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