Friday, August 31, 2012

Short Film: LOOM

"LOOM" directed by Luke Scott
For access to a higher resolution version, visit the RED forum link here.
"Luke Scott in cooperation with RED Camera presents "LOOM". A film shot completely in 4K format in the tone and style of Ridley Scott's dystopian Blade Runner. The film was originally intended to help showcase the prototype REDray 3D laser player. The film was constructed for 3D, the film needed to push the limits of the cameras exposure sensitivity and colour range and 4K projection. Visually the film is unmatched to date in it's use of RED's new technology." Read more at Salon Magazine.

Sculpture: Octopus

"Octopus" by Marialuisa Tadei
On exhibit at Thomas More Square, St Katherine’s Dock in London.

Octopus featured in Art London this year and was chosen as pick of the week in Country Life Magazine, following a very favourable reception from art critics. The work seeks to bridge the gap between the material and spiritual worlds in response to the extreme consumerism of the modern world. The installation is created entirely of hand-cut coloured-glass tiles, laid as a mosaic over a concrete and steel frame.

Architecture: Aqua Tower


At 82 stories and over 1.9 million square feet, Aqua Tower is one of few high-rises in the world that creates a community on its façade. The building is home to a hotel, apartments, condominiums, parking, offices, and one of Chicago’s largest green roofs.  Its outdoor terraces — which differ in shape from floor to floor based on criteria such as views, solar shading and dwelling size — create a strong connection to the outdoors and the city and give the tower a distinctive undulating appearance.

Papercraft: Extraction Series

Shlian's work falls in the increasingly nebulous divide between art and engineering. His work is rooted in print media, book arts, and commercial design, but he reportedly finds himself collaborating with a cadre of scientists and researchers who are just beginning to recognize the practical connections between paper folding and folding at microscopic scales.
"With the Extraction Series, the process of moving through space is once again Shlian's starting point. Set within the constraints of a square foundation, the compositions feature the same movements as in the Process Series--an array, a rotation, and an extrusion. But unlike the subdued movement of the Process Series or the bursting energy of the Tessellation Series, these new works exude an uncanny tension, as if the forms were trying to escape the page and the boundaries of the square."

Quick Pic: Dinosaur Window Art

Somewhere in Michigan there is a completely kick ass dirty car rocking an incredible dinosaur scene on it's back window. Someone has waaay too much time on their hands.

Sculpture: Origin of the Beginning

Levi van Veluw: Origin of the Beginning 1.3, 2011, 120 x 100cm & 60 x 50cm

“Levi van Veluw will showcase new work from a series of new installations, photographs and videos in which he draws from his own childhood memories to thematically and narratively develop his own brand of self-portraiture… These installations are inspired by different aspects of van Veluw’s boyhood bedroom, where he spent many solitary hours between the ages of 8 and 14: the Origin of the Beginning.”

“Levi van Veluw will showcase new work from a series of new installations, photographs and videos in which he draws from his own childhood memories to thematically and narratively develop his own brand of self-portraiture… These installations are inspired by different aspects of van Veluw’s boyhood bedroom, where he spent many solitary hours between the ages of 8 and 14: the Origin of the Beginning.”

Installation: Diagnosis

On exhibit at “The Last Bookstore” in downtown Los Angeles
"After my final assessment of your condition, it is in my best judgment that you are suffering from severe dementia and hallucinations. While reviewing your brain scans I found some bizarre irregularities….

What is it? What exactly are you seeing? You say there are books flying off of the shelf?

…your condition may be much worse than I anticipated…"

Crafts: WALL-E

Mike Senna has spent the last two years building a working life size replica of Pixar’s WALL-E from scratch.  To read more about it, head to Senna’s Blogspot which details the entire process from inception. Video below!

Lego Creation: Dante's Inferno

Romanian artist Mihai Marius Mihu has created yet another Lego masterpiece. This time, he spent seven months recreating each of the nine circles of hell from Dante’s Divine Comedy.  The nine dioramas are composed of nearly forty thousand individual pieces.

Link Round-Up: August 31, 2012

Sigils of the Houses of Westeros poster by Darrin Crescenzi

The folks over at Spoonflower are offering a collection of Doctor Who inspired fabrics.

U is for USB Drive: A collection of flash cards for “design geek-hipster-interwebbers” to teach their children the A-B-Cs in their own style. It is currently only a concept.

While attending the International Fireworks Show in Ottawa, Canada earlier this month photographer David Johnson had his camera in hand to document the night.  The resulting long exposure firework shots are fascinating.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Short Film: The Cats of Mars

Stålhammar created this modern children’s story in imitation of vintage fifties Saturday morning cartoons, complete with stylized art and a quirky, stock music score.

Stålhammar wrote the basic story The Cats on Mars in 2004. He then compiled music from the public domain from old commercials discovered in the Prelinger Archives.  He taught himself the gouache on cardboard techniques he used to create the short film's backgrounds using tutorials from John K.’s blog.

The short film was released at Göteborg International Film Festival 2010 before being released theatrically across Sweden.

Tech: NES Toaster

"Since i made the NES console and it's controller a little while ago, it seemed fun to make an alteration to it.  I've transformed the NES to a fully functional toasting device."

Toys: Wheatley Battle Suit

Tiny little Wheatley re-imagined as a full-bodied robot and a massive robot, at that. Kennedy decided it wasn’t fair that Atlas and P-Body got to walk upright, so he constructed a Battle Suit for Wheatley complete with a light-up core and a Companion Cube for camaraderie.

Crafts: Crocheted Jawa and R2-D2

Jawa and R2-D2

Papercraft: Quilled World Map

I’ve finally finished my big quilling project and I am so proud of it! I started in January and I finished in June. The raised pieces are mountain peaks, with relative heights. The green swirls are representational of the ocean currents.

Street Art: Mega Man Graffiti

Mega Man Graffiti by Wyspr, Sight, and Hone

Installation: QR Code Pavilion

Every surface inside the top floor of the Russian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale is covered in QR codes, which visitors decode using tablet computers to explore ideas for a new Russian city dedicated to science.

Downstairs, visitors can peer through lenses to catch a glimpse of the gated and secretive science towns established under the Soviet Union, intended to provide a contrast with the open and collaborative vision presented upstairs.

Link Round-Up: August 30, 2012

Light Paintings by Dennis Calvert
 Does this look like a scene from Sin City to anyone else?

Brace yourself, The Semester is Coming. [Via]

Los Angeles-based designer and sculptor Amanda Visell has created a series of hand-crafted wooden Star Wars action figures, including: Boba FettDarth Vader, IG-88Obi-Wan. Each character comes with a uniquely designed package.

The secret lair of Hans Zimmer, from where he inspires the world.

Why it's so hard to find photos of Neil Armstrong on the Moon

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Posters: The Batcave


"The Batcave" by artist JC Richard

On Thursday, August 30, Mondo will release a new limited edition poster called 'The Batcave'. The poster, created by artist JC Richard, is 20" x 29" and is a limited edition of 500. As you can see it features various classic items that Batman - pictured being his usual cheerful self - has acquired over the years. 'The Batcave' will go on sale for $50, and if you follow Mondonews on Twitter you can keep track of the exact sale times. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Video: Portrait with Burning Candles

"What inspired me?

I'm doing a 4 part project involving the 4 basic elements: fire, water, wind and earth.

So for FIRE, I chose to do ADELE's portrait...Her song 'Set Fire to the Rain' inspired me to use candles and fire as my painting materials...but why?

To me, ADELE was probably singing about the pain of a lost relationship. Rain may be a metaphor for her tears she cried, and she is setting fire to it to burn and destroy her pain. I've used blue candles to represent tears, and by setting fire to them, they melt and flow into each other - "Watched it pour as I touched your face..." - and they form a portrait of ADELE."

Installation: Thought Follows Action

"Thought Follows Action" interactive public art by New American Public Art
Created for TEDx Somerville, 2012.

Thought Follows Action examines the relationship between the stimulus of the physical world and the cerebral reactions of the mind. This installation provides a physically interactive metaphor of this duality.

Installation: Matter

Matter: An Audiovisual Installation by Quayola, 2012
"Matter is a time-based digital sculpture; a celebration of matter itself, the substance of all physical things. It describes a continuous dynamic articulation of a solid, pure block of matter, from the simplest primitive forms to the highest details of geometric complexities, and vice versa… from the unpredictable grace of geological processes to the perfection, beauty and precision of man made crafts.

The subject of this piece is Rodin’s sculpture Le Penseur (The Thinker), a masterpiece born as the avant-garde that has since become a universal classical icon, and now considered the bridge from classical to modern sculpture."

Posters: The Secrets of Nature

Photography: Biosphere

"Biosphere" by Russian graphic designer and illustrator Tatiana Plakhova

Plakhova's work combines art and science by laying vector illustrations over her nature photography.

Fresh Take: Baby Avengers


"Marvel NOW Baby Variant Covers" by Skottie Young

Street Art: Giant Megatron Head

"Had a great weekend down the docks at this years Kings of Concrete . I was delighted to be asked to come down and have a paint and when I saw one of the big Easter Island heads were up for grabs I got all Decepticony. Big thanks and huge congrats to all the crew who put the weekends events together, was a massive success and really great for Dublin and the Docklands. Roll on next year."

Fresh Take: Portal 2 Turret Cross-Section

Prints available for purchase at Society 6. US$17.68
"This is the second in my series of pop culture Cross-Section Illustration mashups. This time, the Portal 2 Turret. Why Portal 2 instead of 1? Well, the second Portal made these turrets much better looking inside. And that’s all that counts; what’s inside. I’m pretty deep.

Mash-Up: Tim Burton / Pokémon

"First generation starters are done! Whew!

I can’t believe the response this little side-project has gotten though. Crazy! Thanks a lot guys! And yes, I was planning to finish the 151 at the very least. But I’m pretty busy most of the time so I can’t post these regularly. But I will update when I can. :)"

Link Round-Up: August 28, 2012

Neil Armstrong by Workbyknight
A mosaic composed of keyboard keys.

Part of the"Analogue to Digital" series, celebrating the pioneers who built
the foundations upon which the digital age now stands.

13th Century Church Gets New Life as a Bookstore

The Beauty of Engraving is the name of a site that Neenah Paper has devoted to the ancient practice of engraved printing, with a focus on its CRANE Papers line. Check out the video to see modern engraving in action. While the site's history of engraving and also of CRANE are interesting, the highlight is a gallery of user-submitted engraved work.

Hobbyist builds working S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier: Samuel L. Jackson wouldn't quite fit on it, but this scale-model carrier can sail on ponds and take to the skies.

A memorial to Steve Jobs has been proposed for St. Petersburg, Russia. The entries are in and you can vote for your favourite online. No 1086 features Steve Job's sitting on a bench eating an apple. No 1068 is a tableau of Adam tempting Eve, an apple falling from the tree on Newton's head, and an explanation that Jobs named the company after a visit to an apple orchard in India. [Via]

Michael Whelan's covers for Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars books. These editions were originally published in 1979.

Star Trek v. Star Wars: A comparison in comics format

Monday, August 27, 2012

Crafts: Game of Thrones Risk Set

Handcarved and Wood-burned Game of Thrones Risk Set by Fay Helfer

Link Round-Up: August 27, 2012

News: As You Wish Helmet Project

Bryan Nielsen puts a twist on the classic Coexist design. The E is cheating, but we like the whole thing too much to care.

Elderly woman destroys 19th-century fresco with DIY restoration.

How I drew Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer: David Mack, cover artist for the new Willow Mini-Series, gives a step-by-step guide on drawing the Buffyverse's resident witch.

Quantum Mechanix Inc. releases Firefly 10th anniversary celebration art print. The 27" x 40" lithograph was created by graphic designer Jeff Halsey and features Serenity's silhouette in front of a moon, as well as a quote

Spotlight on The Boneyard Project

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lego Creation: Rivendell


Rivendell (from Lord of the Rings) by Blake Baer and Jack Bittner

This LEGO diorama of Peter Jackson's rendition of Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings trilogy is composed of over fifty thousand pieces. It measures thirty inches by forty inches and weighs one hundred twenty pounds.  Check out Blake's Flickr for high-res shots.

Short Film: Glued

"Glued" by Alon Tako, Guy Elnathan, Daniel Lichter, and Sivan Kotek

A student Film made as part of our 3rd year of animation studies at Bezalel Academy of the Arts.

Lego Creation: Articulated Spider-Man


This friendly neighborhood Spider-Man contains 48 points of articulation, including Spidy's signature webslinging wrist.
"After completing my last two figures (Deadpool / Batman) I decided that my current human figure design was good, but still somewhat limiting, todays figures are more posable than ever, and I felt that my Lego Figures should follow the same evolution. This was only part of the impetous for the redesign, the other reason of course being the subject matter. Spider-Man needed to be extremley posable even more so than a typical human being, so a complete overhaul was needed. He also needed to be slimmer to match Spider-Man's lithe, athletic physique, while including additional joints. Quite a challenge."

Link Round-Up: August 24, 2012

Source: Micromimic

They’re scheming, royal, and altogether spoiled. The Lannisters as the Addams Family Mash-up. [Via]

What if all the houses from Game of Thrones were really cute?

What the Game of Thrones House Words Should Be

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Short Film: Shedding

"Shedding" is a rush throughout the history of human communication and how it relates to technological development. From alphabet to the digital revolution, leading to a surprising final where the world itself becomes the protagonist of this completely paperless animated short film.

Fresh Take: The League of Extraordinary Gentlepersons 1996

Prints available for purchase at Etsy. CA$50

"This is an 11x17 print of The League of Extraordinary Gentlepersons, the greatest (and most unlikely) collection of heroes from the 1990s. The image is printed on high quality, heavyweight photo paper in archival, fade resistant, vivid colour. The print features a host of Easter eggs from 80s and 90s films and TV shows.

The print run is limited to 80. All prints will be signed and numbered. (Note the image area is 10x15, the actual dimensions of the print are closer to 10.5x17).

The price will be $50 each for the first 30 prints sold, or for the first month, whichever comes first. After that the price will go up to $100 each."

Link Round-Up: August 23, 2012

1st Generation Pokemon Cross-Stitched Family Portrait

Awesome Movie Spaceship Chart Poster

Beautiful Handmade Superhero Jewelry Spotted At Gen Con

CBR’s latest installment of The Line It Is Drawn was a tribute to the late Joe Kubert. Here’s one of the entries from artist Axel Medellin.

Computer modeling, along with new materials, has done wonders for contemporary architecture, allowing practitioners to render seemingly organic shapes from inert materials. Mimicking biological shapes could soon cross a threshold: behold Shahira Hammad's proposal for the Westbahnhof train station. Again, before and after.

Treehouse Bandits: Superhero stories meet childhood memories

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Short Film: Exo

This short film was created as Weit’s Bachelor thesis at the University of Applied Sciences Münster in Germany.  In it, the Earth has become so polluted that life is unsustainable, so a fleet of ships has been sent out across the universe in search of new territory... only, as you might expect, there's a twist. The film features a Nine Inch Nails soundtrack.

Interview: Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender, author of LEGO: A Love Story, speaking at Google

There are 62 LEGO bricks for every person in the world, and at age 30, Jonathan Bender realized that he didn't have a single one of them. While reconsidering his childhood dream of becoming a master model builder for The LEGO Group, he discovers the men and women who are skewing the averages with collections of hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks. What is it about the ubiquitous, brightly colored toys that makes them so hard for everyone to put down?

In search of answers and adventure, Jonathan Bender sets out to explore the quirky world of adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) while becoming a builder himself. As he participates in challenges at fan conventions, searches for the largest private collection in the United States, and visits LEGO headquarters (where he was allowed into the top secret set vault), he finds his LEGO journey twinned with a second creative endeavor—to have a child. His two worlds intertwine as he awaits the outcome: Will he win a build competition or bring a new fan of LEGO into the world? Like every really good love story, this one has surprises—and a happy ending.

Sweets: Dalek Cupcakes

Dalek Cupcake Wrapper by ~F-A

Turn your cupcake into a Dalek by printing up your own cupcake wrappers!

Sweets: R2-D2 Birthday Cake

R2-D2 Birthday Cake by Lola May
Serves 30-40 for £250

Papercraft: Crysis Nanosuit

Papercraft Nanosuit 2.0 (from Crysis 2 and 3) by Julius Perdana

Perdana created a standing 1/6th model of the Nanosuit from the Crysis series on commission for Crytek to promote the launch of Crysis 2.  He created a second version of the figure modeled after the Crysis 3 teaser, which depicts the character with a bow.  You can download a printer sheet  and instructions at Paper Replika to build your own, if you have the patience.

Street Art: Urban Telescope


Photographed on the streets of Digbeth, Birmingham, UK

Photography: Hands Series

"right hand"
Light Painting Mosaics Made from Hundreds of Individual Exposures of Light Graffiti

This image consists of 324 individual photographic exposures.
each section is 4" x 6", for a final dimension of 72" x 108"

Link Round-Up: August 22, 2012

"Triangulations" by England-based artist Josh Bryan
His portraits may look like they were computer generated, but 20-year-old England-based artist Josh Bryan hand-illustrated his gallery of celebrity likeness, which includes  Helen Bonham Carter, Albert Einstein, Johnny Knoxville, and Marilyn Monroe.

Andrea Petrachi creates robotic sculptures of vintage tech with assorted parts.

Homage to H. P. Lovecraft, created in Lego

How to Sculpt a Humanoid Maquette

Mars-Inspired Art, Commissioned by NASA, Births Strange Sci-Fi Photos: Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea, Desolation and the Sublime on a Distant Planet. Created by Kahn & Selesnick

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Short Film: Tune for Two

Event: The Breaking Bad Art Project

The Breaking Bad Art Project, Gallery 1988 Melrose, 7-10pm.
Show only runs through August 26!

The Breaking Bad Art Project on exhibit at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles 
August 21 through August 26

Sculpture: Blown Glass Rocketships

Steel and Blown Glass Retro Spaceship Sculptures by Rik Allen

Posters: Star Wars as Spaghetti Westerns

Guerre Stellari (Star Wars)

Illustrator Timothy Anderson has re-imagined the original Star Wars trilogy films as Spaghetti Westerns. Various sized prints are available for purchase at the Timothy Anderson Art Print Store.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Short Film: Metro

"METRO" by Jacob Wyatt

Installation: Slipstream

On exhibit at the Bridge Gallery in New York
"At least since Leonardo Da Vinci’s first attempts to describe turbulence, architects have been fascinated by the dynamics of flow - perhaps seeking an escape from the solid, stable nature of buildings. Beginning in the 1990's, architects have used digital software to imbue structures and spaces with some of the same qualities as Da Vinci’s meticulous drawings: fluidity, undulation, instability and temporality.  But while software has allowed architects to create novel, dynamic forms digitally, they have struggled to translate these qualities to the physicality of the material world. Slipstream is a physical structure that confronts that leap directly, translating a 2-dimensional digital line drawing into 3-dimensional space.

Alluding to Lebbeus Woods' 2010 'Slipstreaming' drawings of flow, the installation at the Bridge Gallery in New York  is a single drawing extruded through the gallery space and cut away to produce a set of interconnected spaces. The linear extrusion acts as both structure and dynamic visual filter, shifting views through the installation and between the spaces it defines. It's integrity as a structure is masked by both its redundancy and bright coloration.  Employing gradients that diffuse and coalesce along its length, color amplifies the undulating lines, establishing cross currents that intensify as visual eddies.  Irreducible to form, structure, or graphic, Slipstream is a combined phenomenon of the three."

Street Art: City

"City" by Mark Jenkins, 2012
“Sculptor Mark Jenkins’s City series is comprised of hilariously twisted, disconcertingly lifelike sculptures placed in public spaces in odd postures, often in seeming distress or danger, usually with a broadly humorous undertone, much to the bafflement of the general public.”

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