Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crafts: Invader Hoodie

Space Invaders Hoodie part 1 by BombingCat

Now this is a man who loves his arcade games.

Mash-up: Forbidden Planet / Jetsons

Forbidden by Jason Chalker

Link Round-Up: June 30, 2010

Scribble by Ahmed Alrefaie

  • Comic Alliance has posted a gallery of the comic art of Philip Tan.

  • How Lost Should Have Ended

  • How The World Spends Its Time Online. [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • Mario Made Of Toast

  • Matthias Heiderich takes colorful pictures of Berlin, among other things. This one is my favorite. [Flickr]

  • On July 9, Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles will debut their annual "Crazy 4 Cult" show, which pays homage to cinema classics. Check out art from 2009's show.
  • Lego Creations: Prawn

    The prawn, Christopher

    This Prawn (from District 9) was created by Adrian Florea.

    Artist: Damian Fulton

    Damian Fulton is fascinated by the dichotomy and duality of Los Angeles seaside culture. The proximity of one of the world’s most diverse and congested cities to the Pacific coast provides fertile material for Fulton’s dark take on the California dream. Perhaps it’s in the water.

    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Quick Pic: The Mechanical Predator

    The Mechanical Predator

    This life size model of the Predator was just awesome. He's on display for all to view in this little store on Crown Street in Wollongong Australia. He was made entirely out of spare parts like car engines and the odd mechanical component.

    Source: The Mechanical Predator by Dluu

    Music Video: Help Me By Alkaline Trio

    Alkaline Trio is a punk rock band from Illinois.  Their latest single, "Help Me," is choked full of steampunk goodness.  Somehow this video reminds me of that old series Brisco County Junior.

    Fan Art: Warhol Troopers

    Mash-up: Iron Man / Buzz Lightyear

    Artist: Tetsuya Ishida

    Tetsuya Ishida is a Japanese artist who explores the dark side of modern life with his surrealistic paintings.

    Fan Art: Felicia Day

    Day Dreaming by ~PetarSlovak

    Guess whose birthday it was yesterday? That's right, everyone's favorite nerd chick.

    Day broke into geek stardom for her role as Vi on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and has cemented her place in our hearts in her role as Codex in the kick-ass web series The Guild and then as Penny in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

    Needless to say, Day gets a lot of love from fans. Below is a round-up of tribute art gathered from around Deviant Art. Enjoy!

    Link Round-Up: June 29, 2010

    Buy yourself a kick ass print for only $18 over at his Etsy Store.

  • After this weekend's Doctor Who, found this Anatomy of a Dalek poster from Polkarobot.

  • Brent Engstrom offers a selection of

  • Ever wonder what Samus looks like under all that armor? 8-Bit Bikini.

  • Faux blueprints for the Cinderella Castle from Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary.

  • Insect Lab customizes real insect specimens with antique watch parts and other technological components. [More]

  • Jetbike Getaway

  • Velociraptor leg and sabertooth fillet in an advertisement for Bosch refrigerators.
  • Monday, June 28, 2010

    Link Round-Up: June 28, 2010


    A1 by DennisWitkin

  • Digital painting of Paris in the Year 3000 by Ken Lebras.

  • The Eleventh Doctor Who as a Simpsons character.

  • Jetbike Getaway

  • Logan Walter's The Many Faces of a Space Invader.
  • Friday, June 25, 2010

    Link Round-Up: June 25, 2010

    Dead Robot and Robot Rampage
    by Edward Pun

  • 35 Lego Mega Constructions You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Before

  • FlashDance (Pun intended.)

  • FX artist creates stunning tour of classic sci-fi spaceships. See the official website.

  • Jim Denevan is an artist who works in large scale sand art - very large scale.

  • Stan Munro is an artist who creates enormous models of famous landmarks from nothing by toothpicks.

  • Mash-Up: Buzz Lightyear / Iron Man

    Iron Buzz Lightyear by ~Bruno-sousa

    Fall of the Hyperion by Marcin Jakubowski

    Fall of the Hyperion by Marcin Jakubowski may well be the single greatest steampunk composition I've ever seen.  This image, which comes from the CG Gallery was created for the "Steampunk: Myths and Legend" competition at CGTalk.

    Thursday, June 24, 2010

    Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    Crafts: Super Mario Filing Cabinets

    Alright, these aren't real file cabinets, they're a texture for Counter-Strike or Half-Life 2 created by Nintendofu, but if I had a set of office filing cabinets, I might just take a day to stencil them like this.
    Source: ModDB

    Link Round-Up: June 23, 2010

    Video Wars by ~jnkboy
    Subscription-cover for the 42nd issue of LEVEL Magazine
  • Disney is releasing Tron game controllers.

  • Get your 8-Bit Super Mario Quilt (for babies) at Etsy

  • Lunch Bag Art is a blog of sketches on brown bags.

  • Scott Pilgrim epic avatar creator

  • Steampowered Abraham Lincoln by Tom Whalen.

  • X-Rays of Kid's Toys

  • Mash-up: Family Guy / Farscape

    Rockne O'Bannon posted this image to Facebook as his profile picture. It's a great mashup of Family Guy and Farscape.
    Source: Kradical

    Artisit: Kuroi-Tsuki

    I just discover Kuroi-Tsuki, a Canadian illustrator with a great gallery of fan art on Deviant Art.  You name the fandom, he's got an illustration.

    Artist: Jesse Hamm

    Comics artist Jesse Hamm has undertaken the goal of drawing every single Doctor Who and companion in the history of Doctor Who. Hamm has finished just over twenty so far. You can browse a gallery of the completed drawings on his website.

    Mash-Up: Ghostbusters / Hellblazer

    No Source. Sorry.

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    Deviant Art: The Exchange of Flowers

    The Exchange of Flowers by Begemott

     Check out the un-colored version of this drawing or buy a print.

    Gallery Art: Star Wars Propaganda Posters

    Cat Staggs writes "Star has posted my artwork for Celebration V. “To Hoth And Back” The print is the third a series of star wars propaganda posters. The previous two are pictured below. “Spirit of ”77” and “They Were Expendable” from Celebration IV and Celebration europe (London). For more information on Celebration V, go to"

    Link Round-Up: June 22, 2010

  • CoolVibe has a gallery of some breath-taking Movie Matte Paintings.

  • Lucy Knisley offers this funny take on nerd girls.

  • Print out your own Bruce Campbell Soup labels from SciFi Wire.

  • What if our beloved modern devices had been invented in the past? Say around 1977? They might look something like the Pocket Hi-Fi, The Laptron 64, MobileVoxx, and the Microcode 3000.
  • Gallery: Pixel Art

    4115527123 efc0983441 b Pixel Art Round-up

    Today's gallery is all about Pixel Art. Who doesn't love these throw-backs to classic gaming? Though they may look old fashioned for graphics, pixel art requires meticulous attention to detail and some extraordinary patience. 

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    Link Round-Up: June 21, 2010

  • 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art

  • Autobots Transform And Roll Out As Stained Glass Windows

  • Boba Fett in a Top Hat by Greg Peltz, as well as C3PO in a bowler.

  • Check out this Pixar/Star Wars mashup by Sillof.

  • This Cthulhu Graduation Cake is Amazing.

  • Paul Lasaine has posted a gallery of The Lord of the Rings concept art.

  • Post-apocalyptic steampunk mask

  • Yanko Design points out Fifteen Visually Stunning Architectural Delights.

  • Xenomorphs want you for your body, but Zombies want you for your brains.
  • Artist: Baptiste Debombourg

    French artist Baptiste Debombourg has come up with a new use for staples. Stapler art!  Using some thirty-five thousand staples over the course of seventy-five hours, Debombourg created this astonishingly vivid composition, which was inspired by the story of Icarus. 

    Kind of gives you a new respect for that old Swingline sitting on your desk, doesn't it? Click through for some more inspiration.

    Merchandise: Hula Squid Girls

    Hula Doll Squid Girl loves Tiki

    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Fresh Take: Doctor Hoo

    Doctor Hoo by ~pu-sama

    Just when you thought the chibi fan art couldn't get any cuter... Evidently, drawing Doctor Who as an owl is a whole thing on Deviant Art now.  At least, it seems to be growing in popularity.  I'm personally very fond of the Tom Baker Hoos.

    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    Crafts: Crocheted Legend of Zelda Afghan

    Link Round-Up: June 17, 2010

  • Check out Calvin and Jobs, a parody of Calvin and Hobbes

  • Finally, a calender women really bare it all!

  • Is this possibly the best prank ever?

  • Pre-order you Lord Of The Rings Plushies now!

  • Relocating the Moon.

  • Skeletor vs. Sock Monkey by Nate Wragg for the upcoming "It's not a Doll, it's an Action Figure!"

  • Why does everyone take the same exact same photo of the Leaning Tower?

  • Fresh Take: Futurama does X-Men

    Futurama X-Men Meld by gottabecarl

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Deviant Art: Left 4 Dead: Zoey

    Left 4 Dead: Zoey by ~Ethereal-Mind

    Link Round-Up: June 15, 2010

    The Interceptor
  • Artist Henning Lederer has adapted Fritz Kahn's illustration "Man As Industrial Palace" as an interactive installation.

  • Arcade game characters run amok.

  • Etsy is selling the Lipson Robotics, a line of robot sculptures created from random objects. Check out even more photos at Flickr.

  • A new project called CitID is attempting to collect logos and/or typefaces representing every city in the world. So far, they have over 150 submissions, including Berlin, Bogota, Cape Town, Kiev, Portland, and Tokyo.

  • What do you get when you cross Avatar with Star Wars?
  • Monday, June 14, 2010

    Humor: Power Girl doesn't have a Logo

    Deviant Art: Oil shop

    Link Round-Up: June 11, 2010

  • The FireFly Fans forum offers step-by-step directions for building a Lego Serenity.

  • Around the World with 35 Famous Lego Monuments and Buildings

  • Haters don't bother Chutlhu

  • Illustrations from The Magic of Reality, a book Dave McKean is working on with Richard Dawkins.
  • Lego Creations: The Hulk

    Hulk 10 by Model Gal

    Actually, Model Gal's entire Flickr photostream is worth browsing. Plus, you can read more about how Hulk 10 was created at Model Gal's blog, Model Building Secrets

    Fresh Take: Pop Culture vs. Art

    Pop Culture vs. Art by Enkel Dika

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    Link Round-Up: June 10, 2010

  • How that Little Bunny Foo-Foo song should have ended, first verse.

  • Microsoft Store Superheroes

  • Send a picture of your face into space on the Space Shuttle.

  • There's a Large Hadron Collider Pop-Up Book now!

  • The Unbelievable Pencil Art of Paul Lung is practically photorealistic.

  • Unreality provides this floorplan of Dunder Mifflin (from The Office).
  • Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    Fresh Take: X-Men Babies

    Mash-Up: Silver Surfer vs the Daleks

    Link Round-Up: June 9, 2010

    I would love to mount this sign in a buoy
    and float it into the gulf.

  • Conan O'Brien Lego CubeDude by Angus MacLane

  • Dr. Who/Wizard of Oz mashup

  • Early Time Travel Machine

  • Snow White ala Rene Magritte, illustrated by Brian Cook

  • Video game-themed propaganda poster by Steve Thomas at Zazzle

  • WildAmmo has a collection of Wartime Photos with Superheroes
  • Lego Creations: BattleStar Galactica

    This sweet frakkin display was fielded by ChiefLUG at BrickCon 2008. Highlights of the display include a thirteen foot hangar, a 45-inch long mosaic of Galactica, and thirty-five ships, including Vipers, Raptors, and Raiders. It was built by Ryan Wood, Mark Sandlin, and Andrew Lee. Check out the full gallery at ChiefLUG's Flickr Photostream. See how the set was built at this second photostream.

    Quick Pic: Minute Detail

    Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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