Board Game Manufacturing Resources


Spiel Material - Foam rubber boards, foldable boards
Spieltz - Custom boards


Arts Cow - Personalized decks of 54 cards
Corner Rounder - Makes shuffling easier
The Game Crafter
KardKutter - Feed in a sheet and 9 cut cards come out, for under $200
Pearl - Only ship to Europe: cards, lamination material and software to do-it-yourself
Perforated Paper - Custom size printable card blanks
Plain Cards - Printable card blanks
PrinterStudio - Personalized decks of 54 cards
Quill - Source for blank cardstock

Containers: Bags

100 2x3" Ziplocks - under $1
Bags Unlimited
Future Packaging and Preservation - best price on 9x12" bags in small quantity
Game Parts, Inc.
Oak Creek Printworks - letter-sized resealable
Print n Play Productions
TAP Plastics, Inc. - California, Oregon, Washington

Containers: Boxes

ATO - Plastic boxes
Brimar Packaging - Setup boxes 250 min. order (U.S.) This is the cheapest place that I have found that makes standard rigid setup boxes and they are even in the U.S. Their prices really start to shine when you order 500+ units.
Multi-compartment plastic box - make your own game design kit to hold all the bits
My Box Printer - Any size order. They do all sorts of boxes from small tuck boxes to two piece telescoping boxes. They email you a template based on your dimensions and their prices are great.
Nations Photo Lab - NPL can create image boxes which are essentially book-style boxes that lock with a magnet. They are NOT cheap, but the quality is great and you can make only 1 if you want. They also have other interesting items like metal prints.
Paper Mart - boxes including mailing boxes, Southern California
Print n Play Productions - cardboard boxes 
Ready-Made Plastic Trays
Spiel Material - Cardboard game boxes, also playing card sized in clear plastic
TAP Plastics, Inc. - California, Oregon, Washington
ULine - Boxes including mailing boxes

Crowdfunding Tools

BackerKit - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for Kickstarter

Can He Kick It? - Provides historical funding graphs for nearly 30,000 projects

The Kickback Machine - Lets creators learn from the failures of others

Kicksaver - Provides a lifeline for struggling projects. Kicksaver makes it easy to search for projects that are close to funding, but are running out of time. The user sets a dollar value they're willing to pay to help a project and are presented with a range of worthy options.

Kickstarter Stats - Provides unadulterated access to high level metrics

Kickstarter Status Board - Provides A real time project dashboard

Kicktraq - Google Analytics for Kickstarter

Swish - Bridges the gap between Kickstarter and Amazon

Discussion and Forums

All Us Geeks – The Game of Crowd Funding - This is a podcast where designers and publishers who are running a Kickstarter are interviewed. Very insightful!

Board Game Designers Forum - This is a site that has forums and posts that focus entirely on board game design. It is certainly worth joining.

Card & Board Game Designers Guild - This is a Facebook Group that is used to discuss and get feedback on design questions. It has over 2200 members.


Game Design Graphically - This site covers a lot of topics including interviews and looks at the concepts and ideas behind board game design.

James Mathe’s Blog - Very insightful blog with a strong focus on Kickstarter and running a good campaign. Also has some solid lists of resources as well.

KickStarter Sub-Reddit

Tabletop Game Design Sub-Reddit

Game Pieces

B-Token - Custom imprinted plastic tokens, plastic hex tokens
Board Game Bits - Pawns 
Chessex - Dice, glass game pieces, hex mats 
Crisloid Plastics Inc. - Massive directory of various manufacturers
Crystal Castle - Bulk dice and custom dice.
Dice & Games Ltd. - Located in the UK
Game Parts, Inc.  - Bulk Wholesale dice, pawns, and other game parts. This company specializes in very large orders, but the unit prices are amazing.
Gamescience - Dice
Hasbro Replacement parts
Hopstech Industries Ltd. - Hong Kong manufacturer of games, used by Hasbro
Indented Blank Dice - Dice you can customize with stickers 
Kardwell - Chips and dice
Koplow Games - Just about everything 
Litko - Makes all sorts of game pieces out of acrylic, from score markers to 2D minis
Lyris Laser Studio - This place makes all sorts of laser-cut wood pieces.
MacGregor Games - Specialty dice
Minion Development  - Blank dice 
Mr. Chips Game Parts - Pawns, chips, dice, timers, spinners, injection molds, etc.
One Monk - Paper pieces 
Oriental Trading Company - Weird components
Pegasus Games - Wisconsin, pawns, one-minute sandglasses, etc.
Plastics for Games - (UK)
Print n Play Productions - Cubes, checkers, acrylic pieces, dice, pawns, etc.
Rolco - (USA) Plastic molds.  They stock all sorts of basic game pieces and are worth looking into. Nice selection of card stands.
Science & Surplus - (USA) Plastic chips
Shapeways - This place can take your 3D renderings and bring them to life. They also sell some really unique game pieces. Expensive, but a good choice for prototypes.
Spiel Materiel - This place is overseas but they offer a bunch of oddball game parts and custom wooden components. They also have game boards and some box options as well. Worth a visit.
Token Direct - They produce custom metal coins in all sorts of sizes and using a few different materials. Take note of their stock art. You may be able to find something that will work for your game without have a die charge.


DeLano Service - 500 min. order for cards/1000 min. order for board games (U.S.) Delano Service are based here in the states.

Game Crafter  - The Game Crafter functions as more then just POD service these days. They offer a bulk fulfillment service where they will manufacture and ship all your games to your backers if you are running a Kickstarter. They offer bulk discounts and will work with you if you want to add outsourced parts to a KS game.

GameSalute a service that handles the manufacturing, assembly, and distribution of games so their creators can focus on developing the next great use for a D20.

Lightning Press - These guys print all sorts of books of every kind. They are an option if you want to upgrade a manual or if you want to write a novel to go along with your game.

Lulu - The one stop shop for book making. From small booklets to full-size full-color hardcover books. This is a Print on Demand service so you can order one copy.

Ningbo Lijia Industry Co., Ltd. - These are one of the largest, if not the largest, Chinese Manufacturers that I know of. They have high minimum requirements, but they can make anything.

Panda GM - 1500 min. order (china). These guys can do everything from custom boxes, boards, pieces, tokens, warehousing, and distribution. They headquartered in the U.S. so there is no language barrier. They are known for their high quality. Their priced tend to be on the higher side.

Print & Play Productions - This place offers print on demand services and it appears they will do custom work. They also stock a bunch of blanks and some game parts.

QPC (Quality Playing Cards & Games) - A nice alternative to Panda GM. Lower pricing and they allow for smaller orders (500 units). They are also based in the U.S. but do most of their manufacturing overseas.

Senfutong - 1500 min. order (china). These guys can do everything from custom boxes, boards, pieces, tokens, warehousing, and distribution.

Wingo Industry - 1000 min. order (china). These guys can do everything from custom boxes, boards, pieces, tokens, warehousing, and distribution. Average quality and responsive customer service, but there is a language barrier.


All Us Geeks - All Us Geeks is a fantastic Podcast. They discuss all sorts of geeky topics, but their focus is board games and they review games they have played. They also can do video play-through videos.

Board Game Quest - This is another game review site that looks like it does a lot of mainstream reviews, but also caters to the Kickstarter scene.

Cardboard Republic - They do a podcast and written reviews. They are open to indie games being submitted.

Crits Happen - Here you will find both written and video reviews. I hear nothing but good things. They do a lot of mainstream games, so I do not know how open they are to unpublished games.

Dice Tower Review - The Dice Tower is the premium site for video reviews. They will not review prototypes or unpublished works, but they will “preview” your game for a fee. Somewhere between $100-$200. These previews are quite useful for a KS as the Dice Tower has a huge following.

Father Geek - Cyrus (aka Father Geek) does a fantastic job with his detailed written reviews. He playtests your game with a few different groups. These include Child Geeks, Parent Geeks, and Gamer Geeks. If your game is liked by all three groups you get the Father Geek Approved Seal!

Gamer’s Remorse - A fun to watch video review site that reviews a fair share of indie games. They also dress up in themed costumes dependent on the game they are playing.

Life In Games - This looks like a nice review site. They do appear to review KS games.

Table For Two Show - This is a video review team of Husband and Wife, and they review games from a two-player point of view. Fun to watch with a quickly growing audience.

The Gamer’s Table - This crew of reviewers do video reviews for both mainstream and indie board games. They have a good number of reviews under their belt.

To The Table - Dave does video reviews and caters to a lot of indie and unpublished games. He reviews from the family perspective and does a good job describing gameplay.

Watch It Played - This is a great show hosted by Rodney, and he does perhaps the best walk-through videos out there. He is well spoken and very professional. They also have a large following. Not sure how open they are to indie games.


Durapak - Shrink Wrap products. Great pricing on shrink equipment and wrap.

Uline - This really is your one stop shop for all things shipping. They also stock drawstring bags. There simple plain mailers and kraft boxes are great for shipping and or storing parts or for housing a game itself on the cheap. You buy bulk from here so you can cut shipping costs by almost 30% by simply buying your own boxes.

Tiles & Counters

Creative Memories - Tools to easily cut out hexagons, circles, 1" squares
Fine Games - Mlank counter sheets 
John's DIY Corner - Make your own counters 
Mayfair - Blank hex tiles 
Spiel Material - Tiles and figures of various sizes

Wood Pieces & Dice

Benny's Woodworks & Tools - Wide variety of items including 1/4" and 3/8" cubes
BJ's Craft - Painted wooden beads
Board Game Bits - All kinds of different game bits
Craft America - Painted wooden beads
Instructional Fair - Cubes, click on Math, then Counting
Koplow Games - Just about everything
Lara's Crafts - Pawns, beads, cutouts, pegs
Mayfair - Parts for Settlers of Catan
MeeplePeople - Wood meeples and cubes, Poker chips, etc.
Miller Woodcraft - Wood cutouts
Minion Development  - Cubes, meeples
Print n Play Productions - Cubes, disks, beads, pawns, squares, blank dice, ships
Supply Jewelry  - Painted wooden beads
Woodworks - Game pawns
Woodworks Ltd. - Blocks, beads, etc.


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