Friday, October 6, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: October 6, 2017

"Lord Of The Rings" by Zaki Hamdani


The Orville: Adrianne Palicki On The Incredible Sets And The Hopeful ...


Brand New To Play Daily's Place Late October
Carrie Fisher's 'Star Wars' Script Up For Sale In Charity Auction
Harrison Ford Reveals If Han Solo Will Return Instar Wars movies
How To Dress Like Princess Leia In 'Episode Iv - A New Hope'
Huge Last Jedi Character News, Big Avengers: Infinitywarcharacter ...
Joss Whedon Is Writing A New Buffy The Vampire Slayer Comic
Karen Gillan Talks Avengers movies, Confirms More Reshoots
Kate Winslet Joins Cast Of Avatar 2
Keanu Reeves On New Matrix Movie: 'I Don't Know Anything About It'
Michael B. Jordan to appear in and executive produce sci-fi drama 'Raising Dion'
Netflix Gives Season Order To Sci-Fi family Drama Raising Dion
Netflix Raising Prices: Your Next Stranger Things Binge Is Going To ...
New Back To The Future Comic Grew From Franchise's Final Line
Pacific Rim: Uprising Stills & Footage Provide Our First Official ...
Red Dwarf Returns Next Week With Season Xii!
Reel One Bringing Philip K. Dicks Second Variety To TV
Remains Of The Day Author Kazuo Ishiguro Wins The Nobel Prize For ...
Robert Kirkman Reveals Sci-Fi story Oblivion Song, His First New Comic ...
Sci-Fi humanoid Thriller '2307: Winter's Dream' Plays Like A Parody
Sci-Fi world Sweetheart Nnedi Okorafor Lands Marvel Gig To Write ...
Stargate Duo Team On Fantasy Adventure Series 'The Outpost'
Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer Beta Is Now Available To Download
Terminator 6: Robert Patrick Would 'Absolutely' Return
Todd Mcfarlane Says 'Dark' Spawn Reboot Begins Filming In February
Westworld Season 2: Showrunners Tease Roman And Medieval ...


A Blade Runner 2049 Gunning For Mind-Blowing
Blade Runner 2049: A Deserving Sequel That Plays ...
Blade Runner 2049: Ryan Gosling And Harrison ...
Blade Runner 2049: Back To The Future With Eagerly Awaited Sci-Fi...
Blade Runner Is Gorgeous, But Lacks The Original's Mystery A Worthy...
Blade Runner 2049: Brilliant, Stylishsci-Fisequel ...
Blade Runner 2049 Is A Mind-Blowingly Gorgeous ...
The Good Place Is The New Arrested Development
Gorgeous 2049 Breaks The 'Blade Runner' Spell
Jonathan Frakes Delivers Fun And Familiar Sci-Fi In Fifth Episode Of The Orville
No. 1 With A Bullet #1 The Dystopian Future That We're Living In ...
Star Wars Battlefront II Looks Like A Case Of Being Careful What You ...
Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 Is A Visual And Sonic ...


3 Movie Sequels We Actually Want To See
8 Reasons Why Blade Runner Became A Cult Film
10 Great Stephen King Stories That Are Ripe For Film Adaptation
2017 Guide To Halloween Tv: Episodes, Specials,Movies, And ...
Are We Alone? Alien Worlds And Androids Boldy Asks The Question ...
Blade Runner 2049 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Blade Runner Is Still The Truest Philip K. Dick Adaptation
Deconstruction the Blade Runner Blaster
Did Los Angeles Follow The Pollution/Darkness Predictions Of Blade Runner, 30 Years Later?
Elon Musk Now Has A Theme Song, Courtesy Of Weezer
Evan Rachel Wood's Westworld character Inspired Her To Seek ...
From Blade Runner To The Force Awakens, How Sci-Fi Influences ...
Get Ready For Cyberpunk, Hacking Handbooks Still 3 Days Up In Humble Bundle
Google's Translating Pixel Pods Are A Sci-Fi dream Come True
Hey, Obsessed Pop Culture Fan: You May Have Something Museums ...
Hollywood Screenwriters Know You Can Always Steal A Plot... Then Set It In Space
How Kuri Is Making Home Robots Mainstream
Kazuo Ishiguro Wins The Nobel Prize In Literature 2017
Kazuo Ishiguro's Nobel Prize Is A Victory For Literary Weirdness
Ny Comic Con 2017 Pics (Cosplay, Stranger Things, Got & More ...
Nycc: Cult Of Chucky Cast Looks Back At 30 Years Of Dolls, Dread ...
Philip K Dick: You May Not Have Read His Books, But You'Ve Almost ...
Roman, Samurai Or Sci-Fi: Which Realms Should Westworld Season ...
Rumor Of The Day: Is A V For Vendetta Tv Series In The Works?
Sff Novels: TV'S Version Of Comic Movies
Scientists(Kinda) Disprove Theory That We'Re All Just Living Inside A ...
Star Trek: Discovery Vs The Orville - Which One Is Worth Your Time?
Star Trek Discovery Of Alien Life Veers Away From Likely Reality
Star Wars' Official Explanation For Why Kylo Ren Wears A Mask
Stranger Things Cast Shares Life Between Takes And After
Survive On One Minute's Worth Of Prep With 60 Parsecs!
The 35 Best Science-Fiction Movies Since Blade Runner
The Most Powerful Weapons In The Sci-Fi Universe
The Future Is Now. Star Trek Universal Translator Is Finally Here.
The Seven Deadly Sins Of Ai Predictions
The Smart Society Of The Future Doesn't Look Like Science Fiction
These Seven Films Changed Sci-Fi
Timelapse Of That Giant Millennium Falcon Lego Build
Westworld Season 2 Spoilers: Creators Tease Introduction Of ...
What Is Cryonics, How Does Cryosleep Work And What Happens ...
Who Cares If Kazuo Ishiguro Is A Sci-Fi Genre Writer Or Not?
Why Kylo Ren Wears A Mask, And 4 Other Star Wars: The Last Jedi ...
Would Aliens Look Like Us?
Your (Geeky) Holiday Book Guide



Ai Nightmare Official Trailer 
Check Out The Star Trek Theme Song Acapella Medley
First Trailer For 'Lifeline' Deals With The Consequences Of Time ...
Get Possessed By These Reveal Trailers For The Exorcist: Legion Vr
Hulu's 'Future Man' Trailer Tips Its Cap To 'The Last Starfighter'
Is The Last Jedi's New Trailer Coming Next Week?
Keanu Reeves' 'Replicas' Drops High Octane First Trailer
Nebula Black "Deckard's Run" - Very Impressed With This Guys Whole Album
Pacific Rim 2 Trailer Coming, Release Date, Cast, And Everything ...
Star Trek Discovery: "Parody" - What If It Were Real?
Star Wars: A History In Video Games
Star Wars: Astounding Fan-Made Trailer Teases The Potential Of ...
Synth Runner 2049 - A Music Mix (Cyberpunk, Future Synth, Darksynth)
The Last Amazon - Hyper-Real Art Book - Exclusive Interview
The Defenders - Philip K. Dick
The First Future Man Trailer Is Fully Aware It's Basically The Last ...
Trailer For Hulu Sci-Ficomedy 'Future Man' Released
Trailer Takes: Annihilation, The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, And A ...
Watch The Trailer For Keanu Reeves' Newsci-Fi thriller, Replicas ...
Watch The Trailer For Hulu's Original Sci-Fi Comedy 'Future Man'


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