Glitch Art Resources

Glitch Art is the practice of deliberately introducing what appear to be analog errors into modern digital images in the name of art.  In this movement, visual artifacts, bugs, and static which are usually a sign of file corruption are considered treasured adornments.  Chalk it up to a generation's nostalgia for the bygone days of VHS or an obsession with dystopian aesthetics, but Glitching has gone mainstream and it looks like it's here to stay.

For those of you interested in trying your hand at this new cyberpunk art form, we also have a directory of free software for creating your own Glitch Art!  As usual, if you think we overlooked a piece of software, drop us a link in the comments below!

3D Glitching Tutorials

3d Glitching with Blender
Glitch art in Blender! A Speed Tutorial


Glitch Request Facebook Group - If you can't do it yourself, ask for help
Cyberpunk Facebook Group
Free the Pixels! Facebook Group
Futurology Subreddit
Glitch Art Subreddit
GlitchBot Flickr Gallery
Procedural Generation Subreddit

Data-as-Sound Editing Tutorials

Creative Sound Design: When Glitches Are A Good Thing
Databending and Glitch Art Primer
Databending using Audacity Effects
Databending Using Audacity by Antonio Roberts

Datamoshing aka Video Glitching Tutorials

Broken Gif / Datamoshing Tutorial
Datamoshing - The Beauty of Glitch
Explanation of Video Compression
Glitch Codec Tutorial
Photoshop Animation / Video Editing

Graphic Tutorials

Cachemash #209: TUTORIAL
Databending and Glitch Art Primer
Databending and Glitch Art Primer: the GIF
Digital Image File Types Explained
Glitch Art Resources by Phillip Stearns
Glitch GIMP
Glitch Tutorials from Daniel Temkin
How to Create VHS Glitch Art in Adobe Photoshop
James Connolly's Glitch Talk
A Vernacular of File Formats

Hex / Text Editing Tutorials

Advanced Wordpad editing explained
Bending a Penguin
Databending images with a Text Editor
Editing Image Files With Text Editors
Glitch Art and Databending Primer
Praseodyms way of Databending v0.1

History of the Glitch Aesthetic

Inside The Bizarre Phenomenon Known As “Glitch Art”
It's not a bug, it's a feature: the rise of glitch art
The Long, Twisted History of Glitch Art
The Visual Punk of Glitch Art
There's Not Much 'Glitch' In Glitch Art


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