Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Video: Awesome things about Interstellar

Lecture: Between the Lines: Inception

Christopher Nolan what I would characterize as a “puzzle director.” His movies are stories that require active reasoning, rather than simply passive absorption. They're populated by recursive realities, prismatic narratives, and characters that double back in on themselves until they become something else entirely.

He’s doubtlessly one of the most clever Hollywood filmmakers working today.  If you need any evidence of this, you need only watch his latest film, Interstellar, for evidence of what he’s capable of at the peak of his abilities.  He’s deftly managed to make some very good, very profitable films from within the black soul of the Hollywood machine.

One of the British auteur’s most divisive films remains 2010’s mind-heist movie “Inception,” a cool, cerebral head trip of a movie played in Nolan’s signature minor key. Some folks dug Nolan’s pastiche of shifting realities and exposition-heavy action sequences, others thought his attempt at a Hollywood art flick was pure fooey.

A common criticism leveled at Nolan’s film is that, despite being a movie about dreams, it doesn’t feel very dreamlike: that Nolan, as a filmmaker, is too practical and rational to make a great, untethered dream movie. A new video has landed online courtesy of No Film School examining the layers of dream logic and elements of possible homage in “Inception,” and there’s a lot here to dig into.

Sci-Fi Round-Up: November 26, 2014

Dead astronaut by dig-orgasm

Infographic: Timeline of Star Wars toys

Interview: 90.5 interviews George Takei, host the PNC Pops “Sci-Fi Spectacular.”

Interview: Ars Technica interviews Andy Weir, author of The Martian.

Interview: The Boston Globe interviews Ursula Le Guin.

Interview: Bustle interviews Margaret Atwood, author of Stone Mattress.

Interview: The Huffpo interviews Margaret Atwood, author of Stone Mattress.

Interview: NPR interviews Neil Gaiman, author of Hansel and Gretel.

Interview: Suvudu interviews Jeff VanderMeer, author of Annihilation.

7 Science Fiction Women Who Are So Much More Than Eye Candy

7 Worldbuilding Tropes Science Fiction and Fantasy needs to Stop using.

The 8 Ball: Top 8 Dystopian Films

10 Dystopias That Are More Relevant Than Ever Before

10 indie sci-fi films to look out for in 2015

Comic Round-Up: November 26, 2014

Anatomy of an Ad - Years of Future Past by Art Adams

Anatomy of an Ad: "Years of Future Past" by Art Adams

CrowdFunding: Here is a campaign for the cartoonist and illustrator Ed Siemienkowicz trying to raise money on his behalf to assist him time- and resources-wise with his fight against cancer.

Interview: 10 Questions With Comics Brewmaster Leslie Stein

Interview: Green Lantern Corps artist Bernard Chang discusses collaborating with writer Van Jensen and drawing the New 52’s version of the New Gods.

Link Round-Up: November 26, 2014

20 Things You Didn't Know About Charles Schulz

Director James Gunn Offers Advice to Aspiring Filmmakers

How a Cinematographer Sees the Art of Sound

How Board Games Conquered Cafes: As social life gets ever more digital, new coffee shops and bars encourage face-to-face interaction via the likes of Settlers of Catan and Connect Four.

On Jupiter We Will Wear Bacteria-Infested 3D-Printed Fashion

The Startup podcast follows along as a budding entrepreneur tries to create a new company from scratch.  It could be of interest to artist trying to run a business online.

The World of Ice & Fire Illustrations by Paolo Puggion

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Music Video: Super Mario World on Drives

Music Video: Floppy Drive Imperial March

MrSolidSnake745 has recreated plenty of amazing songs via his 8 floppy drives setup, and this one is particularly good. Check it out!
"Three years ago today, I uploaded my first FDD cover video. I had absolutely no idea that a small side project would grow into such a big part of my life. It's crazy to think it got to the point where a museum even asked me to build them a setup (pictures on my FB Page)! To celebrate I've given that first video the remake it deserves. Compare the difference between this and the first version. Even I'm impressed by the huge change in quality."

Music Video: The Last Goodbye

"The Last Goodbye" (The Battle of the Five Armies) by MOVIES Coming Soon

Scottish actor Billy Boyd is best known for playing  Peregrin “Pippin” Took in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but he’s also a musician.  His latest song, “The Last Goodbye,” has been selected to play over the end credits of The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies. The official video for the song has been made available online, and features quite a bit of footage from the upcoming conclusion of The Hobbit trilogy in addition to Boyd’s musical farewell to the world of Middle-earth.

The video was posted to YouTube by WaterTower Music, the Warner Bros. music label that will release the official soundtrack to The Battle Of Five Armies next month, just ahead of the film’s release December 17th.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Boyd discussed the song:
"We had to get the song just right, to send the audience out of the movie theater in the most perfect way we could. But I don't think it was until I was sitting on the long flight down to New Zealand that I started to really think about what the song would be. [...]

After seeing the film, I went to my room and I started to put down some ideas, and along with Fran and Philippa, we started to sculpt the song we thought the movie needed. A lot of ideas took us to dead ends or we found the tone wasn't just right. I think we discovered very quickly this wasn't just a song to end The Battle of The Five Armies - it was a song to say goodbye to Middle-earth."

Music Video: Black Mage Village Acapella

"Black Mage Village is one of those tracks that take a little time to grow on you, but once it has, you're stuck with it forever! This is one of my most favorite Final Fantasy 9 tracks, and in my opinion a great way to kickoff Final Fantasy 9 month!"

Music Video: Bluegrass Rocketman

The guys from bluegrass band Iron Horse are back with an unexpected and finger-pickin’ good cover version of Elton John’s classic Rocket Man. I'm not usually a bluegrass fan, but this is great twist on a classic.

Music Video: Dragon Age

Violinist Lindsey Stirling dons a bow of fire and battles a dragon with a string instrument in an epic track worthy of inclusion on the Dragon Age: Inquisition game soundtrack.

Music Video: Wanna Build a Meth Lab?

"Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?" (Frozen x Breaking Bad Parody) by Animeme

Unexpected, but it works.

Music Video: Zeus vs Thor

This video had me in stitches on account of my love for Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series. In Hearne's series there's a showdown between several Gods of Lightning featuring a lot of smack talk, and I couldn't help but imagine how good much fun it would be insert a few of his characters into an Epic Rap Battle.

Video: Ex-Men

It happens to us all, it is inevitable. The ravages of age catch us and it is our fate, often, to end our days in a care home. However, when you’re a mutant that doesn’t mean that your superpowers have completely deserted you. When one group of Ex-Men find themselves together in a retirement community then it isn’t long before The Care Home Wars break out.
"What happens when the mutant generation reach a certain age...?"

Video: Super Heroes vs Game Heroes

It’s Thor’s Mjölnir versus Master Chief’s Mjölnir as superheroes and videogame heroes battle it out in this fun short made possible by the action VFX dudes at Corridor Digital.  It turns out the Tesseract is really just a Minecraft block.
"Heroes from the comic universe and gaming universe collide over an artifact from the gods. Who will emerge victorious?"

Video: Gobble Games

"GOBBLE GAMES" (Hunger Games Thanksgiving Parody) by Nerdist

“The Gobble Games” is a Thanksgiving-themed Hunger Games parody by Nerdist where turkeys battle to the death for a Presidential pardon. There is a long tradition of United States presidents ceremonially pardoning turkeys, and even a list of pardoned turkeys on Wikipedia.

Video: Black Friday

Every year, Black Friday is somehow hyped up to be a bigger event than the last. The deals are better, the stores open earlier, and countless shoppers skip their Thanksgiving dinner to line up to be the first to get the best deals. Now that smartphones are so prolific, countless mob scenes and fights are posted online each year. Many people wonder if this is really what the holidays are about…

That inspired Nacho Punch to produce this hilarious trailer for a Black Friday horror movie. All sales are final.

Video: Super Smash Bros Trailers

I don't think Honest Game Trailers has ever gotten a game so right. This is just perfect.
"From the company behind the Wii, and the other Wii, comes a series full of cute childhood nostalgia that you can pound the living sh*t out of - Super Smash Bros."

Video: Everything Wrong With Maleficent

"Disney thought they could sneak one by us, sleepwalking their way through a Tim Burton paint-by-numbers "re-imagining." Disney was wrong. Sins of Maleficent!"

Video: Indiana Jones in 60 seconds

"The man with the hat is back. And this time, he's quite short."

Video: Trainspotting in 60 Seconds

1A4STUDIO does their best to sum up the plot of Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting in about a minute. They got it mostly right – except this time we can understand what the characters are saying without subtitles.

Video: LEGO Conversation with Smaug

"Dragons might be intrigued by flattery and riddling words. But unfortunately for Bilbo, Smaug is much more interested in disposing of guests than he is with talking to them."

Video: LEGO Batman Vs Superman

The Dark Knight from the LEGO movies challenges the Man of Steel to a battle. For some reason. Superman doesn’t get it either and refuses to fight, but Bats is determined to throw everything but the Bat Kitchen Sink at him.

Video: Progressbar

Watching that was actually almost the same as the experience we get on many video sharing sites.

Short Film: A Kiss From Tokyo

"A Kiss From Tokyo" Directed by Kevin Dart from Chromosphere

“A Kiss From Tokyo” is an animated short directed by artists Kevin Dart and Stéphane Coëdel taken from the Seductive Espionage book and DVD set that plays like a super stylized trailer for a 1960s spy film. The book and the short follow the adventures of animated Japanese spy, Yuki 7.

Short Film: The Earth, The Way I Left It

Written by Matthew Pourviseh and Jeff Pinilla

"The Earth, The Way I Left It" is a super-saccharine short film about a little girl who is visited by the ghost of her dead brother as she attempts to come to terms with her own sense of loss. It's a great concept, and it's a well-shot piece. It's just all too predictable.
"A child coping with death in the family is visited by a stranger from the stars. This is a tale of youth preserving innocence through imagination."

Posters: Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition
by ililaz

Posters: The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Steelbook Artwork by Krzysztof Domaradzki

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Steelbook Artwork" by Krzysztof Domaradzki
Created for limited edition steelbook covers for the upcoming CD Projekt Red game.

Posters: Guardians of the Galaxy Pack

StarKade: Guardians of the Galaxy Pack - Created by James White | Tumblr | Store
5” X 5” 5 print series, S/N editions of 75. Available 12pm EST Friday, November 28th, 2014, as part of the Signalnoise Black Friday sale, HERE. Additional an edition of 20 “Seedling” print will be randomly inserted into lucky packs.

"Guardians of the Galaxy Pack" by James White
Limited edition prints available for purchase November 28th at 12pm EST from BigCartel.

Posters: Daft Punk Meets Destiny

Daft Punk Meets Destiny by Sean Gall

Posters: Zelda Gender Swap

"The Legend of Zelda Gender Swap" by Tovio Rogers

Posters: Zelda & Link

Zelda & Link by Brian Huff

"Zelda & Link" by Brian Huff

Posters: Tron

"Tron" by DKNG
Prints available for purchase November 24 at 2pm CST from Galerie F. US$45

Originally created for a special screening at the Logan Theatre in Chicago that, due to technical difficulties, was never screened.

Posters: Transistor

Transistor Fan Art by Burak Çınar

Transistor Fan Art by Istanbul, Turkey-based Burak Çınar

Illustration: Play The Game

"Play The Game" by Mexico-based Betteo

Illustration: Game of Thrones Icons

Fresh Take: The Dark Knight

the dark knight by jason

Fresh Take: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
Furio Tedeschi

Fresh Take: BeyondBat

BeyondBat by wyv1

"BeyondBat" by Switzerland-based Yvan Quinet

Fresh Take: Bloody Batman

Fresh Take: Sci-Fi Batman

Another Batman and Batmobile for the Brainstorm challenge.

Here's another sci-fi version of Batman.  This one comes from Robin Chyo.  It features Batman wearing a crazy but cool-looking space suit with an insane looking Batmobile and the Joker in the background,  probably making some kind of snide remark.

Illustration: Let it go, Bruce!

Let it go Bruce! by Nebezial

Featured Site: Touchable Memories

Touchable Memories is a meaningful social experiment conducted by Spanish creative agency Lola which converts photographs into 3D replicates with the use of a home printer called Buccaneer.  In this way, the blind are able to recall via touch their old memories from photographs taken when they could still see. This hits home, as I have a close family member that has been slowly losing her eye sight over the past few years.

Humor: Wisdom vs. Knowledge

"Should’ve gone with the cloak of intelligence brah."

Comic Round-Up: November 25, 2014

Batman vs Talon & The Court of Owls by Chris Stevens

"Batman vs Talon & The Court of Owls" by Chris Stevens

Interview: Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie talk Goddess Club 7.

Interview: Guggenheim Says "Flash" Crossover Changed His Mind on Superpowers

Interview: Tom Spurgeon interviews Andrew Farago about his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book and Farago touches on not TMNT affected so much of late-80s-early90s comics history.

News: Michelle MacLaren tapped as Wonder Woman director (Alt)

Reviews: Alex Hoffman on Benson's Cuckoos, Nothing Whatsoever All Out In The Open and Kinderbook.  Chaka Phillips on Doctor Who.  Jesse Schedeen on Teen Titans: Earth One.  Johanna Draper Carlson on Lady Killer #1. Keith Silva on Copra #18. Matt D. Wilson on Batmanga.  Richard Bruton on Good Cop, Bad Cop and Tempo Lush Tales.

Are We Entering a Golden Age of Canadian Comic Heroes?

Link Round-Up: November 25, 2014

The Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For
Created by Kevin Mitchell

"The Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For" by Kevin Mitchell

News: Waukegan group seeks sculptural ideas to honor Ray Bradbury

27 Paintings From the Most Famous Space Artist On Earth (And Off)

The Final Frontier: Why Won’t TV Invest in Smart Sci-Fi?

Indie pop success story and YouTube sensations Pomplamoose just finished a self-financed 23 city US tour. In a post on Medium, band member Jack Conte breaks down the tour financials and attempts to "shine light on a new paradigm for professional artistry."

This Watercolor Bot Will Make a Painter Out of Anyone

Monday, November 24, 2014

Video: HISHES does Guardians

There weren’t that many good movies this summer, but one film that stuck out as the most original and most popular was Guardians Of The Galaxy. Without much competition it was easily the top grossing film all summer. But like all famous movies, the hilarious movie nerds at How It Should Have Ended didn’t like the way the film finished. Here is their version of how Guardians should have ended. 

Video: Doctor Whom

""The Doctor" isn't happy with his regeneration, and this encounter with the customer service department, probably won't help."

Video: Break Room Heroes

"When the boss leaves his Doritos seemingly unprotected, Barry and Steve see their golden opportunity to be heroes of the lunch break. Little do they know, a series of booby traps stands between them and the glory of the break room."

Video: If Apps Were Superheroes

"Imagine a world where all your favorite apps like Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, Yelp and Google+ were all super heroes. APP-Vengers Assemble!"

Fan Film: The Force Awakens

"The Force Awakens" Written And Directed By Dan Lalonde

Eight years before J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm began working on the highly publicized Star Wars sequel, The Force Awakens, a Canadian fan by the name of Dan Lalonde created a fan film of the same title.  The film he made is fifty minutes long, and it follows a regular guy who obtains the powers of a Jedi.

The storyline was inspired by Lalonde's love of Star Wars and the 2004 Howard Hughes biopic The AviatorThe story is set in the present day, and it follows an "emotionally troubled recluse who discovers his Skywalker-like abilities when he single-handedly stops a meteor from killing his girlfriend."

It's an extremely amateur film, but it's worth a few laughs for those of watching it, and as far as I'm concerned, the guy who managed to guess the title deserves to draw down some traffic.
"This is a very cheesy fan film I made eight years ago about a Jedi who becomes a recluse like Howard Hughes that is now getting attention for sharing the same name as the new Star Wars movie. "

Short Film: Team BroForce

"Team BroForce" (Live Action Fan Film) by Forgehouse Films

This comedy short is a light-hearted lampooning of the side-scrolling video game franchise Broforce.
"A world where the Bros of Broforce are called into action to defeat the enemies of America and its corporations, and to liberate lands not fortunate enough to be America...
We follow Rambro, BA Broracus, Bro in Black and MacBrover as they decimate terrorists in the name of 'Merica!"

Fan Film: Morbius: The Living Vampire

When Sam Raimi was attached to direct Spider-Man 4, the rumor was that the villain du jour would be Morbius, but Dr. Michael Morbius has yet to flash his fangs in a Spider-Man movie.  Fans have stepped in to fill the gap with this fan film.  In it, Morbius is struggling to cope with his vampiric condition, only to find himself pursued by a mysterious group aware of his bloodthirsty secret.
"In attempt to cure himself of a deadly blood disease, Dr. Michael Morbius takes his science too far. Now he must find his place in a world that will not accept him. He is the hero. He is the predator. He is the lost. He is alive.

His name is Morbius...the living vampire."

Short Film: Doubles

"Doubles" Written and Directed by Jacob Motz

"Doubles" is a short film that straddles the science fiction and magical realism genres.  In it, duplicates of every person on Earth start appearing after our universe begins merging with an alternative universe.  In the midst of the emerging chaos, a man is presented with the opportunity to win the heart of his dream girl's doppelgänger.

What makes the whole thing work is that they film's story centers around an average schlub, not some super hero out to save the world.  "Doubles" could be a run-of-the-mill office romance, except for the under lying premise.  The result is a very sweet, very fun film.

The film was shot over the course of three days with a budget of $18K. Motz used the goodwill from his previous short, O.T.E, to convince a family friend to invest in Doubles’s production.
"When two universes collide and create exact duplicates of both people and inanimate objects on a single version of Earth, a hopeless romantic finds himself able to win the heart of his dream girl's double."

Short Film: 300,000 km/s

This is a difficult short film to describe.  It combines elements of French film noir, contemporary science fiction, and big budget Hollywood spy flicks.  That being said, it's a great film featuring a slow build-up and a very polished presentation.
"Lucien Lacroix, inventor, has resumed the researches of his late father and created a watch that permits the wearer to travel in time. Deciding to go to Geneva to patent his invention, he’s followed by two mysterious individuals...."

Short Film: Phoenix 9

"Phoenix 9" Directed & Edited by Amir Reichart of Double Vision Films

Phoenix 9 is an impressive short post-apocalyptic film set in the aftermath of nuclear war that has devastated the world.  A small band of survivors are searching for sanctuary together, but things get complicated when they come across a secret military installation that may be too good to be true.  his is just a proof-of-concept piece; Gopfrich has a feature-length script. Hopefully, that version reveals how the survivors come to their ultimate decision.  The end of the film introduces a high-tech twist that really brings the whole piece together.  Think The Road meets Tron.
"After a global nuclear war has turned earth into a scorched wasteland, a struggling group of survivors discovers a secret installation that offers a new beginning - but not without a catch..."

Cards: Pop Culture Christmas Cards

The Party Doesn't Start Until the Doctor Walks In...Twelve Times

Pop Culture Christmas Cards by AliciaMB
Prints available for purchase from RedBubble. US$3.34 - $5.01

Cards: Night Vale Christmas

I absolutely love these Night Vale themed Celebration Cards.  The hand written inscriptions are especially clever. 

Cards: Season's Grootings

Season's Grootings

Prints available for purchase from Society6. US$12

"BECAUSE IT JUST HAD TO BE DONE. Drawn in graphite. Colored in Photoshop."

Cards: Stormtrooper Christmas Card

"Stormtrooper Christmas Card" by Saint Petersburg, Russia Ira Koritsa

Posters: Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War
Created by Pete Factory

Posters: Darth Batman

Darth Batman by Randy Sombowadile

"Darth Batman" by Indonesia-based Randy Sombowadile

Posters: United We Strike

Destiny Poster Designs by James Camilleri

Prints available for purchase from RedBubble.

Posters: Destiny Triptych

Destiny Triptych by Scott Woolston

Prints available for purchase from TeeNow.

Posters: Star Wars IV

Star Wars IV by Ibraheem Youssef

"Star Wars IV" by Ibraheem Youssef

Posters: We Are back to the Dark Side

We Are back to the Dark Side
Created by Kike Guardiola

"We Are back to the Dark Side" by Barcelona, Spain-based Kike Guardiola

Posters: Guardians of The Galaxy

"Guardians of The Galaxy" by Alexander Iaccarino

Posters: Guardians of the Galaxy II

Guardians of the Galaxy II - Thanos Tribute by Orlando Arocena || FB

Illustration: Coffee Cup Comics

Comics on Starbucks Cups by Josh Hara

Cartoonist Josh Hara uses the back of his coffee cups as a canvas for funny and intricate comics, ranging in topic from our never-ending coffee addiction to celebrity spoofs and more.

Illustration: Encourage an artist

Inspired by Kim Kardashian's recent photoshoot, Comics Should Be Good made "Break the Internet" the theme for this week's The Line It Is Drawn drawing challenge. Commenters were invited to come up with ideas for comic book plot twists that would "Break the Internet" and the contributing artists illustrated the various ideas.

This one was my personal favorite.  I've been telling everyone who'll listen that there's something hinky going on in the DC Universe and it centers on Alfred.  Come on.  A butler who's trusted to raise a dead billionaire's kid without raising any eyebrows?  And hey, why not let him run off and become a ninja-trained superhero? Cuz that's totally a thing.

One day, DC is going to give Alfred his own series, and it's going to be dark.  Seriously dark.
"BigBearSpeaks suggested: Batman dies regularly but is replaced by a clone because Alfred thinks the world needs a Batman.  I really wanted to do this, but didn't have much time so tried for a 'deliberately sketchy' look."

Illustration: Betty…

"For a girl I love with all my heart."

A particularly moving piece of fan art featuring Betty Ross and Bruce Banner.

Gaming Round-Up: November 26, 2014

E-sports crowds.

Photographs of E-Sports Crowds
Photographed by Riot Esports

In a week of counting blessing, the rise of e-sports definitely makes my list.

News: Assassin’s Creed Unity will soon receive its second significant patch to fix issues that probably should have been ironed out before the game launched.

News: The beautiful, mindbending mobile smash hit Monument Valley received a significant expansion last week. If you’re on the lookout for mobile games, this game should be right at the top of your list. Every level is a work of art, and the subtle, ambiguous story echoes that of Shadow of the Colossus.

News: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, a top-down dungeon-crawling take on the Tomb Raider universe, has officially gone gold and will launch across most digital platforms on December 9.

Damien Schubert satirizes the frustrations experienced by gamers seeking to address social issues in this pie chart of the true influence of “social justice warriors.”

Goodbye Disney: How Video Games Are Transforming Theme Parks Forever

Half-Life 2  turns 10 years-old this past week, triggering a flood of nostalgia.  Eurogamer is running articles, the best of which is this one from Rich Stanton.

Hyperallergic examines the The Economic Divide in Video Games as portrayed by Doctorow's In Real Life.

Kill Screen, Shonte Daniels compares the rise of ‘auteur’ games with a similar 20th century movement in the world of poetry.

Never Alone: Could a Video Game Help to Preserve Inuit Culture?

PopMatters regular columnist takes aim at the recently released Bayonetta 2 and how it is like attending a Beyonce concert in both form and function.

Richard Cobbett continued his new Critical Paths column at PC Gamer with a look at the treatment of sex in BioWare games – when they’ve got it right, wrong, and how they’ve progressed. "With each game though, Bioware has gone out of its way to Do Better, and not always by heading down the obvious path."

Video games aren't all guns and gore; artistic titles are on the rise.

Comic Round-Up: November 24, 2014


Cover of "Constantine #22" by Juan Ferreyra

Interview: Andrice Arp interviewed Simon Hanselmann for Gridlords.

News: National Gallery of Art Welcomes First Comic Books to Its Permanent Collection

Review: Wonder Woman by the Meredith and David Finch team came out yesterday. Tim Hanley was underwhelmed. Tech Times felt it "deliver[ed] some captivating mysteries" and Graphic Policy felt it "does what it needs to have done.." One thing is for sure, Wonder Woman covers are back to that whole “boobs and butt” look.

Reviews: Alex Hoffman on Mutiny Bay.  J. Caleb Mozzocco on Ms. Marvel Vol. 1, Teen Titans Earth One Volume OneJoe Gordon on 100 Bullets Book One.  Richard Bruton on Age Of License and The Grinning Mask.

After years of speculation, we finally have the Story Behind that Batman V Superman Easter Egg in I Am Legend.

Comic Riffs’ Top 10 graphic novels and superhero comics

Kelly Thompson suggests an array of comics that can be had for less than $50 a month.

Rob Salkowitz recently summed up Five Trends In Digital Comics To Watch including Google maybe not being in the mix on digital comics yet.

Todd Klein is running a series on digital lettering: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

The Washington Post picks The top 10 graphic novels of 2014.

Link Round-Up: November 24, 2014

DIY Star Wars Terrarium Thanksgiving Centerpiece

DIY Star Wars Terrarium Centerpiece Tutorial by Amy Ratcliffe

This Artist Turned the MoMA Into the Death Star

Mapbox allows you to create interactive maps and data visualizations.

The most depressing Firefly gif ever. It's a teaser from Stephen Byrne's fan "The Animated Adventures Of Firefly" effort. There's a making of video as well.

Neil Gaiman: Why Disney's Sleeping Beauty doesn't work: "I feel like some kind of alchemist," Gaiman suggests. "I have to go to the cupboard and take one ounce of Snow White and two ounces of Sleeping Beauty, and heat the Sleeping Beauty and froth the Snow White and mix them together: it's kind of like fusion cuisine. It tastes like both of them but it's actually a new dish."

These LEGO Instructions from 1974 Are Awesome (And Yes, They're Real)

You, too, can own your very own Sandman Chess Set.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Quick Pic: Groot Swing

So cool!

Groot Swing Set by Super Fans

James Gunn, the director of this summer's monstrous blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy, posted this image of an amazing Groot-themed swingset to his Instagram and Tumblr accounts yesterday.

Apparently the swing was created by some truly devoted fans as part of an upcoming reality show called Super Fans, Super Builds, which they'll hopefully win.  I don’t mean to be rude but screw kids I want this for me! I’m tired of all the cool toys being for them

Download: Star Wars Snowflakes 2014

Patterns available for download from the artist's website.

I don't think that I'd be able to resist putting a bullet hole through the Greedo snowflake.

Papercraft: Quilled Star Wars Helmets

Quilled Star Wars Helmets by Alia Syed
Prints available for purchase from Etsy. US$200

Papercraft: AT-AT Walkers on Hoth

Star Wars framed 3D silhouette 12x16 handcut paper craft (12x16) from one black sheet
Prints available for purchase from Etsy. US$70

Posters: Video Game Still Lifes

Video Game Still Lifes Created by Elizabeth Sherry

Prints available for purchase from Etsy. US$46.51

What do still life paintings look like in the Mushroom Kingdom? One artist imagines the possibilities.

Posters: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy by Brandi Kenney

Posters: Stop Dave

Stop Dave by Samuel “Sho” Ho

Prints available for purchase from Spoke Art. US$35

Posters: The Avengers

"The Avengers" by Movie Fanatic

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