Friday, March 30, 2012

Sculpture: T-Rex Fossil

T-Rex Fossil Sculpture from Walter Werbe

This needs to be on my lawn. Walt Deko is selling a massive T-REX skeleton constructed of of reinforced fiberglass for roughly US$29,734. I'm pretty sure that this is the best way to protect your garden from lawn gnomes and other such invaders.

Video: Art in the Era of the Internet

“Art in the Era of the Internet” by PBS Arts: Off Book takes a look at how three Internet phenomena - Kickstarter, Creative Commons, and The Creators Project - that are influencing the art world.
In this episode we take a look at the impact of this new interconnectivity on the art world. Traditional funding models are dissolving, new forms of expressing ownership have arisen to accomodate for remix culture, and artists are finding ways to connect physical art experiences and traditions to the internet. In the digital era, the experience of art from the perspective of the artist and the art audience is shifting rapidly, and bringing more people into the creative process.

Lego Creation: R2-D2

LEGO Star Wars 10225 - Ultimate Collector's Series R2-D2

Priced at US $179.99, this absolutely amazing LEGO model of R2-D2 will be available in May and will come complete with rotating dome head, retractable third leg, and a special edition R2-D2 mini-fig hidden inside. Yes, these are the droids you’ve all been looking for!

Source: Wired

Short Film: Gamma

GAMMA by Factory Fifteen
In a post-nuclear future, when the earth is riddled with radiation, a new urban developer proposes to regenerate the cities back into civilisation. GAMMA sets out to stabilise the atomic mistakes of yesteryear for the re-inhabitation of future generations. Using its patented ‘Nuke-Root’ technology; part fungi, part mollusc, GAMMA intends to soak up the radiation and remove it from the irradiated cities, rebuilding them in the process.

Sculpture: Mind Shut Down

"Mind Shut Down" by Subodh Gupta, 2008

Installation: Labyrinth

Art installation made with salt.

Video: Horror Speed Painting

See the chilling final results at Deviant Art.

Fresh Take: Your Brain on Video Games

"Your Brain on Video Games" by Canadian artist Terry Fan

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Link Round-Up: March 28, 2012

(via sean matthew leary on pintrest) — anyone have the real source?

8-Bit Movie Posters on the Behance Network

NASA charts out the flow of the oceans over the course of decades in a beautiful video reminiscent of the work of Van Gogh

Unused Storyboards For WB's Live Action AKIRA Movie

Victor Hugo imagines Marvel's Iron Man films with a Pixar aesthetic.

Yarn Trek: The Next Generation

Quick Pic: Batman Graffiti

Photographed in Ontario, Canada

Short Film: Sleeping Betty

Sleeping Betty by Claude Cloutier

Here is a modern take on an old story.  Betty is fast asleep and no one can wake her up despite their best attempts.  So, the king has no choice than to send for a prince (based on a certain HRH Prince Charles by the looks) in the hope that he will be able to awaken Sleeping Betty with a kiss.

This very funny romp is brought to us by the National Film Board of Canada and is, to be honest, a joy to behold. As with any animation there is usually one stand out character and for me this has to be the prince’s horse.  He manages to effortlessly steal virtually every single scene that he is in.
Princess Betty sleeps in a narcoleptic stupor. The king appeals to his subjects to wake her. A worthy Prince Charles lookalike has to leave his royal suburb to save the princess, but will Betty be wakened with just a kiss?

Drawn in India ink, this animation sets the Perrault classic in Claude Cloutier’s disjointed, anachronistic and playful universe.

Installation: Seventeen is Sharp

"Seventeen is Sharp" by Rebecca Ward, 2009
On exhibit at the Urban Culture Project's Paragraphy Gallery

Art composed entirely of electric tape on walls? Now you're thinking like a geek!

Utilizing existing lines, beams, and angles, each piece I create is informed by the individual site and its unique linear movement… I choose patterns and shapes according to detailed measurements of the installation site. Ideally these patterns are numerically symmetrical or somehow numerically balanced, producing a dialogue between line and space”, explains the artist.

Installation: Galaxies Forming Along Filaments

Frieze: "The startling news that the universe is structured like a sponge was revealed when astronomers discovered that galaxies cluster into filaments and wall-like sheets, leaving huge voids of nearly empty space. In his dramatic installation Galaxies Forming along Filaments, Like Droplets along the Strands of a Spider’s Web (2008) Tomas Saraceno applied another analogy inspired by that finding: the comparison between our ‘spongy’ universe and a complex spider web in which groups of stars and other matter are strung like shining beads of water along invisible strands."

Posters: Starcraft 2 Propaganda

Installation: Air Air

"Air Air" by Choi Jeong Hwa
Created for the 2012 Perth Arts Festival

Artist: Jacek Yerka

Residential Oak

Jacek Yerka is a Polish painter who has studied the northern European masters: Van Eyck, Dirk Bouts, Robert Campin, Hieronymus Bosch, and surrealist Rene Margritte. His fantastic style resembles some of the great surrealists.

House at the Waterfall   Brontosaurus Civitas

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Short Film: Blick

BLIK by Polder Animation

"A young boy moves to a new neighborhood and falls in love for the first time, with the much older girl next door." Brilliant animation, great atmosphere, and a really good story.

Illustration: The A-Z of Awesomeness

Illustrator Neill Cameron put together these drawings based on suggestions from his fans over the course of twenty-six days period. The results span just about every geek fandom imaginable, and they are indeed full of awesome.

Illustration: Canvas of Today

Magazine cover I worked on at Little Miss Robot...

The popularity of the tablet is overwhelming. New technology is wonderful but after the hype you have the focus on the content. So real craftsmanship is in place. Invent new ways of navigation, create beautiful user interfaces and define emotional user experiences. That's how new applications and web based creations are born.

Fresh Take: Future Flags of Earth

If we were suddenly visited by extra-terrestrials from another star system, and they invited us to enter into their galactic federation, how would we visually represent our solar system? What would be our solar system’s flag?” This design collection from thefrek offers up an identity for our little Solar System and imagines how such a flag might evolve along with future human space conquest.

Papercraft: Incarnate

A perfect human skull carved from a thick stack of obsolete computer manuals.

The perfect embodiment of the dread that courses through the veins of a
first year computer science major upon receiving their first semester reading list.

Sculpture: Anatomical Neon

A series of blown glass lights meant to focus attention on how energy is used by the human body.
"Following an International Visiting Artist Fellowship, Jessica was awarded an Arts Council Wales and Wales Arts International grant to undertake a research and development project at Urban Glass, New York. Collaborating with internationally renowed glass artists and neon specialists she produced new sculptural anatomical neon artwork inspired by biological electricity, the prescence of natural electrical activity in the human body."

Installation: Net Sculptures

Inspired by the local materials and culture of Mahabalipuram, an Indian fishing village, American artist Janet Echelman creates enormous fishing net sculptures nearly as large as the buildings hosting them but light enough to ripple in the wind in constantly changing patterns.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Photography: Shadows of an Invisible Man

"Shadows of an Invisible Man" by  Pol Úbeda Hervàs

Short Film: Made of Imagination

Wes Anderson and Mark Gustafson of Laika/house apply their charming animation skills to this short ad for Sony Xperia Smartphones.

Link Round-Up: March 26, 2012

Make your own Hunger Games cookies
with this tutorial from Not Your Momma's Cookie.

10 Steps To Stealing Your Way To Creative Success

17 Vintage Comic Book Covers Where Superman is a Complete Sociopath.

Frustro: the impossible typeface based on the Penrose triangle

Invisible Children's Web Strategist Gives A Crash Course In Going Viral

Stamen Maps are gorgeous, stylized CC-licensed map tiles that use OpenStreetMap data

The Sweatbox is "the documentary Disney doesn't want you to see." It documents the production of "Kingdom of the Sun," a re-telling of the classic story of the Prince and the Pauper featuring musical numbers written by Sting.  After creative differences tore the production apart, it was re-tooled into "The Emperor's New Groove," one of Disney's biggest flops. Rarely has the decline of an Institution been better documented.

Installation: Atomic: Full of Love, Full of Wonder

"Atomic: Full of Love, Full of Wonder" by Nike Savvas, 2005

On exhibit at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne
Polystyrene, nylon wire, paint, and electric fans.

The piece involved an immense array of suspended bouncy balls creating a dense field of color in the gallery space that was gently moved in waves by a nearby fan. How fun would it have been to walk through this? Savvas most recently exhibited a series of complex geometric thread installations at Breenspace.

Video: One Neat Little Package

“One neat little package” by Australian design studio Messy Design is a clever stop-motion animation created with the studio’s business cards.

Video: Minecraft Scientific Calculator

Yes, someone built a working scientific calculator, in Minecraft. "The calculator itself is just over 250x200x100 blocks. It contains 2 6-digit BCD number selectors, 2 BCD-to-binary decoders, 3 binary-to-BCD decoders, 6 BCD adders and subtractors, a 20 bit (output) multiplier, 10 bit divider, a memory bank and additional circuitry for the graphing function."

Fresh Take: Movie Villains in their Old Age

Horror Vacui Photo Project Imagines Movie Villains in Their Old Age

For Horror Vacui, Italian photographer Federico Chiesa imagines what our favorite horror film villains might look like in their twilight years. Carolina Trotta provided special effects, makeup artistry and styling for the project. Via: Behance

Posters: How to Spot...

How to spot...

I've always been enamored by them airline safety card.... brilliant things they are! Also based on that genius battlestar clyon guide from a while back. I find it fascinating how similar we designers are... I wonder if its that we're all from the same ilk or if its the industry that morphs us into a collective with common interests...

Mural: Trompe L’oeil

"Monumental Mural Art" by John Pugh

Known as a “Trompe L’oeil” (“deceive the eye”) artist, John Pugh paints photorealistic scenes onto walls with a small twist.  The murals feature people stand standing in the foreground, staring at the optical illusion, lending the pieces an added depth.
"I have found that the 'language' of life-size illusions allow me to communicate with a very large audience. It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually tricked. Once captivated by the illusion, the viewers are lured to cross an artistic threshold and thus seduced into exploring the concept of the piece."

Street Art : Education for Citizenship

Education for Citizenship

"Education for Citizenship" by Sokak Sanatı

Video: Interactive Website Art

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sculpture: Metal Insects

Elizabeth Goluch’s life-like steampunk insect sculptures feature gold, silver, and enamel detailing. Check out her website to see more of her clockwork bugs.

Street Art: Banksy on the Riverbank

Photographed by thelonelyvillein 

People are crediting this new piece that just popped up in the U.K. to Banksy, though it's authenticity hasn't been confirmed as of yet.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Papercraft: Steampunk Metalwork

Steampunk’d Papercraft by Phillip Valdez
"I do paper sculpture and have a soft spot for steampunk. All creations are made from Archival paper with book binding glue and acrylic paints."

Mash-Up: Malvin and Hobbes

Available as a t-shirt from RedBubble.

Calvin and Hobbes pretending to be Browncoats!
This listing is for a 10 x 10 inch open edition signed Matte print. This print is not matted or framed.

This is my original art, painted using Photoshop. Prints utilizes all silver traditional photo processing, the same that you'd see in a photo finishing shop. Printed on high quality Kodak Edge and Kodak Endura papers, which will last up to 200 years without fading. The colors are vivid and beautiful. The print will be signed and dated on the back.

The print will be mailed safely within a clear art sleeve and a tough cardboard mailer. No creases or folds.

Sculpture: Bike Chain Sculptures

"Dystopia" by Korean artist Seo Young Deok
Photographed at the Insa Art Center

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Short Film: The Duel

The Duel by Namchild
The official music video for the Afterlife remix by Camo & Krooked

Namchild created the stop motion LEGO animation, "The Duel," based on a story by fellow YouTuber "Lohenhart." No CGI was used. Photoshop was only used to remove support wires etc.

Lego Creation: Nausicaä Gunship

Valley Gunship 01

Gunship from Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind by Jon Hall

Video: Super Mario Bros is Surrealist Art

Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel presents the case that "Super Mario Brothers Is The World’s Greatest Piece Of Surrealist Art."
We all know who the Mario Brothers are but have you ever stepped back and tried looking at those games from a fresh perspective? Like you’ve never seen or heard of them before? They’re bananas! There are armored turtles who stand on their hind legs and steal princesses! There are bullets with FACES! We make a case for Mario’s inclusion into a canon of art wider than “Video Game”: we think Mario is a piece of surrealist artwork.

Posters: Dessert Madness Nouveau

Sprung from the dreamworld of star-faring eldrich creatures, in which great Cthulhu himself was tormenting a corseted woman with the sweet, savory temptation of pastry desserts, Echo says Dessert Cthulhus are not about sexual enticement, but the maddening horror women feel while attempting to balance a life of beauty and dessert.

"I was working in my studio one day in March and I got the Blue Screen of Death. So while my hard drive rebuilt, I laid down on my studio sofa and took a nap. In my dream, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the image of Cthulhu driving this poor corseted damsel with temptation of pie. Being a woman - that particular torture is very close to me. When I awoke the image hadn't left and I was compelled to sketch it out... thinking that it would turn out like crap and I could put it aside - but it didn't. It was beautiful. So then I sat down to do a color study, thinking that the sickly-otherworldy-green would ruin the piece - but it didn't. Two weeks later she was does - and I hadn't worked on any other projects at all - including the client piece I had been working on when my computer crashed originally."

Merchandise: Dalek Vinyl Decal

Price: US$59.99

Begin indoctrinating your little geek right from the craddle with these 37-inch Dalek vinyl decals. Custom text available on demand.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Short Film: OMCOPTER

In order to showcase the RED Epic HD camera-toting "OMCOPTER" helicopter drone’s ability to fly into buildings, close to actors and into high altitudes, omstudios decided to film ninjas in the midst of combat. Check out the video after the break – chances are after only a few moments you’ll forget about the awesome camera work as you’re sucked in the the ass-kicking action.

Link Round-Up: March 20, 2012

Controller Tree by Steve Wink

Controller Tree by Steve Wink

Infographic: The Art of Color Coordination

Amazing macro photos of ants "at work" and "at play." There are many, many more photos here. My favorite is the weightlifting ant. Ants are incredibly strong for their size, as this amazing picture of an ant holding a snail shows.

Heidi Kenney threw a Minecraft-themed party complete with Creeper pinata.

Leveling-up at the Smithsonian: The medium of video games, after 40 years, is "worthy of examination as an art form," he said. It is also the first reflection of nerd culture within a museum that, Melissinos said, is arguably one of the arbiters of what is art in the world. The weight of the Smithsonian's stamp of approval not only starts a cultural dialogue about whether "Pitfall!" is art, but also what devotion to video games actually means.

Phil Toledano takes pictures of gamers playing video games

Installation: Compound Eye

"Compound Eye" by Graham Caldwell, 2008

Sculpture: Origin

At the 2011 Creators Project New York event, United Visual Artists' massive LED sculpture Origin attracted spectators like insects to bright light.

Set in the foreground of the Brooklyn Bridge, the artwork was continuously engaged with its environment through the buzzing dialogue between the visual light and sound.

The 10m × 10m cubic lattice is composed of 125 two-meter cubic spaces mounted with linear LED strips, allowing it to emit varying light patterns in all directions, as well as audio from a network of speakers (bass and treble) which generates real-time loud ominous sounds.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Short Film: Ruin

Ruin directed by Wes Ball

Ruin is an amazing short animated film set in a far-flung green post-apocalyptic future. Wes Ball has  been working in Hollywood for eight years doing graphic work for HBO - experience which comes across in this piece loud and clear.

Lego Creation: Serenity

You paid money for this, sir?

LEGO Serenity by Nathaniel Rehm-Daly

Crafts: 8-Bit Cutting Boards

Available for purchase on Etsy

Installation: Death by Geometry

Esther Stocker geometric room installations look to be either in the process of phasing through our own reality or  breaking down around any who enter. Esther Stocker paints graphic canvases of grid-like black and white geometric abstractions and then brings them to life with large art installations that alter your perceptions of spatial reality.

Painting: Psychedelic Pop Arts

Nicky Barkla puts a psychedelic spin on the famous pop culture characters we all love.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Event: The Art of Video Games

Curator Chris Mellisinos speaks about his hopes for the show. Click here for some featured interviews with pioneers Nolan Bushnell, Don Daglow and others. Show runs through September 30 at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C.

Fresh Take: Star Wars Stamps

Star Wars - Episode I

Part of the Star Wars saga gets turned into a force filled stamp collection over at The Ninja Bot’s online store. Prints are on sale now!

Short Film: Cobwebs

"Cobwebs" by Cyriak

Arachnophobes look away! Cyriak fills our screens (and worst nightmares) with an endless barrage of animated spiders crafted from circuit boards, human heads, and other stuff. Get the Raid!

Posters: Travel for Lazy People

Travel is great and all, but why travel to a far off lands when you can stay home and be lazy!? Caldwell Tanner promotes the vacations we online junkies are really craving.

Link Round-Up: March 16, 2012

Godzilla vs the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man by Rabittooth

DC Nation Shows Us How to Draw Robin

For $3000, you too can live in a Hobbit hole

Guerrilla Tree Sculptor Takes Over UK Town

Mondo's Amazing New Gallery Opens with Sci-Fi Art at SXSW 2012

The mystery itself is a masterpiece: A $10 million painting by Degas — a simple figure of a ballerina in a yellow and red tutu pointing her toe – vanished from the New York City apartments of reclusive heiress Huguette Clark, and wound up, innocently enough, on the living room wall of Henry Bloch, a Kansas art collector better known as the “H” in the tax company H&R Block. How it got there is a multi-layered tale involving one of the more colorful transactions in the history of high-end art.
For readers who have been following the Clark mystery story on, this episode provides a new piece of evidence that could be important in the legal battle over her $400 million estate.

What Fantasy Art Looked Like Before Photoshop

Photography: Victor Enrich

Spanish photographer Victor Enrich has two skills: taking amazing architectural photographs and then twisting them via photo manipulation to create astonishing architectural anomalies. Personally, they look like great zombie-defense fortresses, so maybe he’s onto something.

Sculpture: Steampunk Corkscrew

This monster of a device is officially the worlds largest Corkscrew. It was created by a mechanical sculptor called Rob Higgs of ONEOFONEHUNDRED LIMITED, who launched the device with an unveiling by the Prince Albert of Monaco. Using hundreds of bronzed metal springs, gears and other parts, this incredible machine uncorks and pours a bottle of wine with Rube Goldberg-worthy complexity.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweets: Chibi AT-AT Cake

AT-AT Cake by Stephanie Thorpe

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