Thursday, June 3, 2010

Link Round-Up: June 3, 2010

  • "The Best Sushi in Town" is a fantastic panoramic illustration of a sushi shop where humans are on the menu.  The piece will be featured in a three-day exhibition at the Nelly Duff Gallery.

  • Alex CF has put a new selection of his macabre specimens up for sale

  • CosGeek points the way to photo galleries of the Anime North 2010 Convention.

  • Daft Punk: LEGACY, a Daft Punk / Tron mash-up.

  • Hellboy, Abe Sapein, and Liz as My Little Ponies

  •  These Monstrous lollipop are part of a campaign for Westcoast Dental

  • These CCTV Stickers are a reminder that your webcam is watching
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