Friday, December 19, 2014

Comic Round-Up: December 19, 2014

Black Bat by Cassio Yoshiyaki

Interview: Blacksad writer Juan Díaz Canales and artist Juanjo Guarnido explain how they created a story set in the United States in the 1950s, despite having never been there, and why they chose to portray all the characters as animals.

Interview: Dylan Horrocks talks about finding his own voice as a creator again, after feeling that he lost it after a stint at DC Comics.

Interview: Ed Brisson forms a Sci-Fi "Cluster" At BOOM! Studios

Interview: Mark Doyle Promises a Batman "For Every Fan"

Reviews: Richard Bruton on Calculus Cat.  Johanna Draper Carlson on My Love Story!! Vol. 2.  Richmond Clements on Zenith Phases I & II.  Sean Gaffney on Assassination Classroom Vol. 1.

The 10 Best Comics Series of 2014, the Year Feminism Conquered Comics Culture

After 37 years, Marvel's Spider-Woman is getting a new costume, created by the late Archie Goodwin and the legendary Marie Severin.

All 50 Free Comic Book Day Comics Revealed

All Things Considered looks at the 75-year history of Marvel Comics, including an interview with Stan Lee.

Ars Technica asks Which comic book rumble was the real Battle of the Century?

Bustle picks 11 Nerdy Graphic Novels For the Woman Who Loves Thick Black Glasses, and Hates Porny Imagery.

Comic-book superheroes make great leap into diversity

Greg Burgas contrasts two interesting same-period Frank Miller comics: Fanboy #5 and The Dark Knight Strikes Again #3.

Having written about the freedom that digital comics gives him to read comics without having to store physical copies (or think of them as “collectible”), Shaun Huston now discusses another storage question — which comics to save as digital downloads, rather than to entrust entirely to the cloud.

Here's a series of articles on Jewish women in comics, inspired by the high-profile traveling exhibition of same.

The Playlist looks back at The 12 Best Shots Of 2014.

Rich Barrett singles out the 25 most interesting comics of 2014.

The staff of comiXology makes its choices for the best comics offered by the digital distributor, in categories that range from best new series to best manga series to best colorist.

Superhero Stories That Will Leap to the Top of Your Reading Pile in a Single Bound

Why 2014 was the Year of the Female Comic Fan

Why I prefer to collect comic books over digital downloads

Why You’re Better Off Watching The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies at Home

Will the New Thor Be Held to a Double-Standard?

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