Monday, December 29, 2014

Link Round-Up: December 29, 2014

Created for the Doctor Who Art Show CHALLENGERS Comics.

Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co. takes on a logo design challenge, describing how he goes about creating enduring designs. If you enjoyed Aaron and his style (bigger image), you can take a tour of his well-organized junk and join him as he scours an estate sale for more inspiration, and continue with him as he discusses the art of the side hustle, specifically Field Notes. Or if you'd prefer design tips, Aaron talks about workflow, moving efficiently, and how to make a laurel. But wait, there's more! Aaron also presented at TEDxPortland, discussing work ethics and giving back, and extends on some of those topics in this 22 minute interview. Getting back to the art of things, Aaron talks on logo design the Draplin way, and Aaron Draplin's favorite signs. Warning: obscene language abounds, may not be workplace appropriate.

Crafting a Shardblade for fantasy author Brandon Sanderson

Dungeons & Dragons strikes back: After a period of decline, the iconic game shows signs of revival thanks to an update and a greater diversity of players.

In an effort to not favor any of its member countries over the others, the European Central Bank decided to feature fictional bridges on a series of banknotes. So the Dutch built the bridges.

What’s behind Santa’s bloody rise?  Three leading elven labor activists offer a class analysis of the North Pole “gift economy.”

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