Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sci-Fi Round-Up: December 31, 2014

Mobile Police Patlabor by Johnson Ting / Tumblr

Interview: The Diane Rehm Show interviews Margaret Atwood.

Interview: Indiewire interviews Summer Glau.

Interview: The Playlist interviews Bong Joon-Ho, director of Snowpiercer.

2014 in Review: The Rise of Low Budget Science Fiction

A. Lee Martinez on The (Unearned) Redemption of Darth Vader.

BFI on The Best Sci-Fi Characters of All Time.

Guardians of the Galaxy Villains Get Funko Pop Figures.

Kirkus Reviews Blog (me!) on Making the Jump from Sci-Fi Films to Sci-Fi Books.

Literary Moments in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Michael Berry on The best science fiction and fantasy books of 2014.

Motherboard on The 10 Sci-Fi Films That Defined 2014.

Not Even the Gods Are Perfect: Disability as the Mark of a Hero.

SFGate on The best science fiction and fantasy books of 2014. on Behind Interstellar’s Special Effects.

Voyager and Prometheus papercraft

WIRED on The Craziest Sci-Fi Fantasies That Got Closer to Reality This Year.

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