Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: April 6, 2017


Interview With Savant Author Nik Abnett


Star Wars 8 Classic Character Reunion Details Revealed?
Star Wars writer Suing Former Tinder Date Over Nasty Break-Up
Tesla Model X Review:Sci-Fi style, Or Too Clever For Its Own Good?
Theme Park Bits: 'Avatar' Land Updates
Wesley Snipes Sci-Fi thriller 'Armed Response' Lands At Saban



5 Technologies from Science Fiction that Could Be Awesome In Real Life
9 anime things that Astro Boy did first
A Brief Look At Cyborgs In Film
A More Human Kind Of Sci-Fi
A Real Mass Effect Omni-Tool Would Be A True Lightsaber
A Good Short List Of Some New Scifi/Fantasy Book Releases In April
A Sci Fi pocket Novel Of Social Injustice, Redemption, And Betrayal
AT&T Is Now Offering HBO For Free
An Article About Misreadings Of Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron"
Celebration Reunites 'Star Wars' Community
Chinese Author Vying For 'Nobel Prize Of Sci-Fi World'
Details Of Benicio Del Toro's Star Wars Character Leaked
'The Discovery' Is The Latest Sci-Fi To Mess With Your Head
Does Valerian Exist in the same world as The Fifth Element
Everything Cut From Rogue One: Astar Warsstory
Ghost In The Shell: Creating A Hybrid World
Ghost in the Shell is iconic anime and a rich philosophical text
How Disney Should Approach The Star Wars anthology Movies
If You Like Sci-Fi, Can You Tell Me What You Think About This ?
May The Farce Be With Us: Mad Magazine Mocks 'Rogue One'
Rogue One: A Star War's Story Blasts Onto Your Home Screen
Star Wars: Episode IX To Film In July?
Star Wars News: The Upsetting Real Reason Luke Went Missing
Sunshine and Humankind's Poetic, Horrific Will To Live
That Cool Dialect on The Expanse Mashes Up 6 Languages
The Hidden, Wildly NSFW Scandal Of The Hugo Nominations
The Massive List Of Currently Airing, Returning, And Upcoming Sci Fi Shows
The Mountains Of Parnassus: Czeslaw Milosz's Curious Sci-Fi ...
The Movie Industry Tries To Put On A Brave Face At Cinemacon
The Predator: Arnold Schwarzenegger Wanted 'More Significant' Role
The Science of the Cyberbrain in Ghost in the Shell
The Use Of Ads In Robocop, Total Recall & Starship Troopers
There Are Even More Visual Effects In 'Rogue One' Than You Realized
This Ancient Stellar Blob Could Change Our Understanding Of How Galaxies Form
This Rogue One Shot Was Created, Animated, Rendered & Released in Under a Week
What Is Del Rey's Mystery 'Star Wars' Project: Operation Blue Milk?
When Will 'Colony' Season 3 Premiere?
Where Are All The (Philip K.) Dick Games?
Why Does Hollywood Keep Spoiling Its Movies?
Why Rogue One Aimed To Rewrite Droid History With the Brassy K-2SO


Watch: An In-Depth Look In Designing Darth Vader's Castle


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