Monday, April 3, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: April 3, 2017

Ghost in the Shell Tribute by Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based Daniel Kamarudin
Part of the InkInk Collectibles Ghost in the Shell show in Singapore.


Blade Runner 2049 more dystopian and darker, according to Ryan Gosling
Eating Authors: Kat Howard
Interview With Mark Lawrence



5 Times Star Trek Officially Crossed Over Into Other Franchises
7 Shows To Watch While You Wait For "Game Of Thrones"
Artificial Intelligence - Separating Fact From (Science) Fiction
A beginner’s guide to the Ghost in the Shell universe.
Check Out These 10 Notable High Concept / Low Budget Sci Fi Films
Digital love: why cinema can't get enough of cyberpunk
Does Ghost in the Shell do justice to the original?
The Future Agency: Inside the big business of imagining the future
Gareth Edwards Reveals Biggest "Rogue One" Regret
Gareth Edwards's One "Rogue One" Regret Is Extremely Sweet
Ghost In The Shell: A Guide To The Very Near Future
Ghost In The Shell: These Movies Stole Its Thunder Years Ago
How Humans Have Dreamed Of Robots For Centuries
How To Hack A Hollywood Blockbuster
How To Read The Ghost In The Shell Manga To Prepare To See The Sci-Fi Epic
Little-Known Sci-Fi Fact: Alien Almost Had A Very Different Director
Logan, And The Evolution Of The Superhero Flick
Luke knows Snoke RULED the old Sith Empire and was defeated by the First Jedi
New Sci-Fi novel Intertwines Cyber Technology And Religion
The original Ghost in the Shell was a watershed film in animation history
Quantum Physics Is Bringing Our Wildest Sci-Fi Dreams To Life
The Star Trek Holodeck: From Science Fiction to a New Reality
Star Wars theory: Is Supreme Leader Snoke The Evil Twin Of Anakin
Star Wars theory Suggests Good Reason Why Luke Skywalker Dissappeared
Tech Pioneer Tony Parisi Wants Vr To Change The World
We've Seen The "Doctor Who" Spinoff Series "Class."
Westworld season two: The big questions that need answering
Why dystopian fiction is just history repeating itself
Why Hollywood can’t get enough of cyberpunk films
Why we're fascinated with science fiction films that present aliens as a threat
Will Doctor Who Companion Pearl Mackie Leave After Only One Series?



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