Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: April 24, 2017

"Star Wars -The Force Awakens" by Cancún, Mexico-based El Moreno


Disabilities In Sff (Redux): More Or Less Than Fine?
Eating Authors: Malka Older (Campbell Award Nominee), author of Infomocracy
Interview With Brian Staveley, author of SkullswornLove on the Cutting Edge: An Interview with Brian Staveley, author of Skullsworn
Hao Jingfang on her dystopia featuring sky-high kindergarten fees and an obsession with time
Margaret Atwood answers the question: Is The Handmaid's Tale a feminist book?
Neil Gaiman On Updating 'American Gods' For TV And The Stories He Still Wants To Tell
Neil Gaiman on when you can expect an American Gods sequel
Why Ridley Scott and writer/director Justin Barber wanted to go all X-Files in Phoenix Forgotten


The Five Judges For Next Year's Philip K. Dick Award Have Been Announced
There Are No Plans For More Alterations To The Original Star Wars trilogy
This Poet Explores The High-Flying Realms Of Space
This Was How It Happened. We Let Go Of Science and Began Our Long Descent into Chaos
Voting For The 2017 Hugo Awards And The John W. Campbell Award Now Open
Wa Professor's Surprise Find Reshapes Evolution Of Life On Earth
Wait, Is Luke Skywalker Wearing A Kyber Crystal
Why Captain Marvel's Directors Were Chosen, According To Kevin ...
Why I Marched For Science



30 Years Later, Real Genius Is Still The Geek Solidarity Film That Nerd Culture Deserves
6 Wild Fan Theories That Turned Out To Be True
8 Companies Changing How Machine Learning Is Used
14 sci-fi books about climate change's worst case scenarios
17 Spine-Tingling New Books For Fans Of Dystopia
Avatar Sequels 2, 3, 4 And 5 Steal 'Star Wars' Release Date
Bryan Singer Teaming Up With Black pills For Sci-Fi series August One
Cameron's Next Set Of 'Avatar' Sequels Rescheduled Again Until 2020
Casper College Student Sci-Fi play Explores What It Means To Be Human
Doctor Who: 10 Things You May Not Know About Smile
Doctor Who: Has the Time Lord dropped a spoiler about the vault?
Goodreads List: Most Under-Rated Science Fiction
Google Cofounder's 'Flying Car' Makes Its Debut
Gucci Unveils Science Fiction-Flavored Teaser For Fall/Winter 2017
The Handmaid’s Tale: The Hidden Meaning in Those Eerie Costumes
How Rogue One Star Alan Tudyk Ended Up In 'Halo'
How Rogue One Will Influence the Final Season of Star Wars Rebels
Chemistry How to Make Tools on Mars, Using Dust How to Make Tools on Mars, Using Dust
Is Disney Doing a Star Wars Smoke and Mirrors Campaign?
Lucasfilm Boss On Whether Finn And Poe Will Be A Couple
Meg Howrey On The Impossibility Of Avoiding Science in fiction
Memes Are Helping People Learn to Love the ‘Star Wars’ Prequels
My Favorite Genre Short Stories Of 2016
Neil deGrasse Tyson unpacks, debunks 11 sci-fi movie moments
No Longer A Dream: Silicon Valley Takes On The Flying Car
N.S. Professor Explores Fact, Fiction of AI
Robots: Better Saved Forsci-Fi?
Rumor: Luke Skywalker Has Jyn Erso-Style Crystal In 'Last Jedi'
Science And Tech In Syfy's The Expanse: Coming Face To Face With The Protomolecule
Space. The Final Frontier: For Now
Star Wars and the Power of Editing – Film School Rejects
Star Wars' Newest Star: 5 Things To Know About The Last Jedi
Tech Talk: Have We Officially Entered The Drone Age?
This Doctor Who fan theory could explain the fate of The Master and Missy in series 10
Why are we reluctant to trust robots?



Dave Bautista Looks Quite Savage In This Enter The Warrior's Gate Trailer
Devolver Digital Released A 40-Minute Trailer For Sci-Fi Clicker ...
Let's Do The Science, The Expanse S02E13 "Caliban's War"
New Combat Trailer For Sci-Fi action RPG The Surge
Of Art And The Closest We Might Ever Get To The 1977 Print. Here's A Preview.
Official Trailer: Extinct, New Sci-Fi Tv Series Coming October 2017
The Killer Sci Fi Short Film, Based On A Story By Stephen King
Star Wars Fan Film Asks: 'Dude, Where's My Empire?'
Top 5 Weapons That Would Probably Muff You Up If You Tried Using Them
Tribute To Three Legendary Space Exploration Films! (2001, Interstellar, And Contact)
Video: Born In Langley, Star Wars fan Aspires To Be Nation's Next ...
We Watched The "Harmy Despecialized Edition" Of The Original Star Wars

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