Friday, April 14, 2017

Featured Site: 1001 Rogues

1001 Rogues is a browser-playable game inspired by the classic 1980 dungeon-crawling video game, Rogue only it features a new story every day.  There's a twitter bot that tweets a summary of the day's new story when it's generated each day at about 2pm UTC.

Rogue was the great-granddaddy of dungeon crawlers.  It's a very simple game that has been ported to nearly every major operating system released in the past thirty years.  It's a fascinating game that anyone who calls themselves a video game fan should try at least once.  Via

"I've been working on this project for some time and although it still needs some polishing and balancing, it's already playable and I'd be glad to get some feedback and suggestion from you guys.

Basically, it's a simple Javascript roguelike with a twist: every day, a PHP script on the server generates a new story from a huge database of synopses, times, places, enemies and protagonists. The player can be a housecarl fighting trolls in a Scandinavian cave one day, and rescue colonists from aliens on a distant planet the next. There's also a small "Arabian Nights" overarching story about a computer which generates a new story each night so its owner won't shut it off."

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