Friday, April 14, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: April 14, 2017

"Starship Troopers" by Rhys Cooper
Limited edition prints available for purchase from Hero Complex. US$50


Aboriginal Sci-Fi: Take Us To Your Chief By Drew Hayden Taylor
Alienate Looks Like A More Action-Packed Invasion Of The Body ...
Beyonce's Twins Should Be Aster And Roid, Says Degrasse Tyson
Billie Lourd Stands In For Mom Carrie Fisher Instar Wars reunion Photo
Brad Pitt Will Be A Spaceman In This Sci-Fi Movie
Daisy Ridley And Felicity Jones To Reprise Roles In Animatedstar...
Harrison Ford Jokes About Plane Landing Controversy
Harrison Ford, George Lucas Surprise Fans At Star Wars celebration
Hugo Weaving Cast In Peter Jackson's New Movie
John Ridley Directing Sci-Fi drama Needle In A Timestack
Lionsgate Acquires Sci-Fi novel The Punch Escrow
Mace Windu Is Alive, Insists Samuel L. Jackson
NASA Announces One Of Saturn's Moons Could Support Alien Life
Orlandostar Wars Convention Draws Tens Of Thousands Of Fans
Sophie Turner To Join The Cast Of "Time Freak"
The Last Jedi Director Crashes Star Wars celebration Overnight Line
Top Science Fiction author, Robert J. Sawyer, Joins Galaxy's Edge Magazine
Your New, Future Robot Co-Worker


13 Doctor Who filming locations you can visit in South Wales
13 Summermoviebreakout Stars, From Zendaya To Brenton ...
5 Latest Trends In Tech Innovations And How It Influences ...
8 Iconic Star Warsscenes Recreated In Lego
100 Vehicles From The Star Wars Universe (Both Legends And Canon)
After 75 Years, Isaac Asimov's Three Laws Of Robotics Need Updating
An Obi-Wan-possessed Luke and the 'lost' Star Wars films you'll never see
Be A Part Of Steampunk Culture With This Year's Steamposium ...
Becoming a cyborg: Our path to tech connectivity
"Birzer Bandana" Ties Together Science Fiction, Apocalyptic Poetry
Class: Is the Doctor Who Spin-Off Worth Watching?
Cosplayers influenced the costume design in Star Wars animated shows
Do We Know Where Our Humanity Ends And Data Begins?
Doctor Who Peter Capaldi On Why There's Nothing Bittersweet ...
Doctor Who Returns; Capaldi Eyes End Of Space/Time Travels
Doctor Who returns with new companion for Peter Capaldi’s final season
The Expanse: hunting monsters and walking into traps
The Expanse Steals Gracefully From All Your Favorite Shows
Futurists Want To Transform Black Mirror's Dystopia Into Something Better
Highlights Froms Star Wars Celebration Day 1
How Donnie Darko Captures The Spirit Of Lent
Guillermo del Toro, Who Doesn't Want to Be Asked About Making a Star Wars Movie, Wants to Make a Star Wars Movie and it's possibly a Godfather-style film about Jabba the Hut
Lando Calrissian Won't Be Appearing Instar Wars: The Last Jedi
Like Father, Like Son: Hayden Christensen And Mark Hamill Unite In ...
Lucasfilm to Bring 'Star Wars' Virtual Reality Headsets to Hospitals for Kids
Man Vs Machine: Humans Still Have The Upper Hand, Says Cwt
Mark Hamill And Hayden Christensen Unite At Star Wars Celebration
Mathematician Boldly Claims Redshirts Don't Actually Die the Most on Star Trek
More “Star Trek” Tech In Real Life: The Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize
Nerd Klaxon: Barbican to host Science Fiction exhibition this summer
Prairie Nerds Podcast: Legion Had A Good First Season
Reilly: Welcome Back, "Mst3K"
Star Trek's Tricorder Now Officially Exists
Star Wars : A Close Look at New 40th Anniversary Toys
Star Wars: Clone Wars Unused Scene Reveals Boba Fett Backstory
Star Wars finally Revealed How Boba Fett Got That Dent In His Helmet
Step Inside The Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebration
The "Mystery Science Theater 3000" Episodes You Need To Watch
Watch The Deep-Frozen, Scifi Crime Thriller 'Fortitude' And Thank Us Later
What Are The Trends For This Year's Hugo Awards Nominees?


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