Monday, December 14, 2015

Illustration: The Epic Battles

Zoom into the poster and conduct a scavenger hunt at

These incredibly Where's Waldo-style posters were created for Star Wars Celebration VI by Jeff Carlisle.  On the official Star Wars site, he explains that it was always his dream "To do a large crowd scene set in the Star Wars universe that would act as a tribute to the work of concept designer Ralph McQuarrie and the French comic book artist Moebius (who both had a massive influence on the Star Wars trilogy and passed away within a week of each other)."

Each of the posters took Carlisle a solid four months to create, and they were create as a seek-and-find game.  If you complete the game online, it generates a certificate that you can take in to your local Toys R Us for a "medal."  Even if you don't want medal, the posters are still a load of fun.  If you look closely, each one is packed with hundreds of small details and inside jokes to feast your eyes on.  (Check out a list of cool stuff to find in the Yavin poster at the bottom of this page.)  I'm currently in the process of transforming theses into a desktop wallpaper for my laptop.

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