Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Link Round-Up: December 29, 2015

"Kylo Ren" by Italy-based Leonardo Black (dleoblack)

By now you would have seen Starbucks’ minimalist red holiday cups and heard about the outcry and controversy surrounding them.  DC-based illustrator and letterer Carolyn Sewell has used the red holiday cups as a blank canvas, crafting a series of lovely patterns to help usher in the season.

Collective Evolution rounds up a gallery of Disturbing Pictures that Expose the Absurdities of Modern Culture in two parts.  (Warning: Graphic Images)

Designers Imagine Splendid Star Wars-Themed Line of Coffee Lids

Industrial designer Jung Soo Park started an Instagram project this year titled the "Museum of Pixelated Industrial Design"

May The Fonts Be With You: Graphic designer and editor of website FontShop News, Yves Peters, has created a visual guide to the evolution of typography used in the movie posters of the past six Star Wars episodes, uncovering the vision and inspiration behind each film that influenced the choice in typefaces across promotional materials.

Stormtroopers Are The iPhones Of Star Wars: There's more than a little bit of Apple in The Force Awakens, and that's why it works.

These Satellite Maps of Cities Are Made From Thousands of Lego Bricks

What The Force Awakens Borrowed from the Old Star Wars Expanded Universe

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