Monday, December 28, 2015

Fan Art: Captain Phasma / Samus Crossover

Captain Phasma / Samus Crossovers by Brisbane, Australia-based Plint's Toons

Tumblr user Plint's Toons has been purging herself of a crossover fantasy that she's had every since she saw The Force Awakens.
"So uh, I watched Star Wars and I really like Captain Phasma. I’ve also been drowning in this crossover since it popped into my head"

"This is for everyone that tagged my last photo set with ‘I ship it’, ‘and then they kiss’ or similar, there were a lot of you. (also I see Phasma as very lawful/evil so this is the only way I could think of this kind of interraction)"

"Ok but what if Phasma and Samus were under Mitslefoe not Mistletoe"

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