Monday, August 22, 2011

Link Round-Up: August 22, 2011

Curbed recently ran two articles taking at this amazing listing at 120 West 29th Street in Chelsea, which is currently available for the low, low price of only US$1.75 million. The home features pulleys and antique pipes alongside miniature planes and huge old wooden casts, all individually hand-picked and mired with history.

Hyundai Concept Motorcycle Skretches. Inspired by musculature, this concept evokes a fluidic sculpture from the upper and lower sections intertwined together.

Get your own handmade Star Trek quilts featuring Spock, Sulu, and more.

I Won't Photograph Ugly People: a young photographer, building her business in Pennsylvania, does a little FB research on the high school kids she's been commissioned to photograph for their senior portraits. She makes a tough decision: she won't photograph bullies.

Montreal Street Art: The Flickr Pool

Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life finished todayPromises of new projects and a print version by December have been made.  I've been following since the original post back in 2004. Anyone who may have given up due to the notoriously infrequent updating can now read the strip in its entirety. And you really should if you enjoy beautiful philosophical explorations of what life is all about.

This young couple decided to introduce some zombie horror into their wedding photography with hilarious results.

Windoodles is a Tumblr devoted to photos out windows that have been creatively decorated with markers.

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