Monday, August 1, 2011

Fresh Take: Easy being green, it is not

“Easy being green, it is not.” by Peter de Sève

Artist Peter de Sève imagines what it would be like if Kermit and Yoda spent some time fishing together on Dagobah. After all, they are technically related. Plus, they both know their way around a swamp.

This unlikely but perfect juxtaposition between Kermit and Yoda was painted for the Star Wars, Visions, a collection of Star Wars images created by a wide variety of artists from many genres.  The famed American illustrator has also created many of the covers for the The New Yorker as well as worked on character design on many animated features including the beloved Scrat from the Ice Age series.  Some of his work is currently showing in an exhibition at the Norman Rockwell Museum and he will be speaking at CTNX this year.

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