Thursday, July 20, 2017

Woodwork: Laser Engraved Westeros Map

Maps available for purchase from Etsy. US$978.38

This fan-made 3D wooden map was laser engraved by DivergnDesigns out of the small town of Bathurst located in the Central West of NSW, Australia.

The map is gigantic, two meters across and over a meter tall.  It's mounted in an aluminum frame for easy mounting.  The back-board and is finished in a natural red-tinged Amerind Lauan ply featuring engraved contours, inner rivers, locations, compass and boats.

The map details 334 Westeros and Essos locations, twenty-six of which are portrayed with an engraved icon. It also features engraved animals, over 1900 trees, and individual islands as small as 4mm in diameter.  The 3D effect is enhanced by mountain ranges consisting of up to five contour height-derived layers, all unique in shape providing saddles, peaks and plateaus with engraved mountain ranges varying in styles and sizes.

The entire piece is sealed with multiple coats of Polycrylic to protect it against wear, tear, and light moisture.

his is a short film showing many days of craftsmanship, design and assembly of a fan-made laser engraved wooden Game of Thrones map.




Nights Watch

Blackwater Bay

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