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Sci-Fi Round-Up: June 30, 2017

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Part of the Sci-fi Noir group art show at Heron Arts Gallery in San Francisco


Barb is still, like, super dead in Stranger Things season two but actor David Harbour says that the team was taken aback by what a following she’s gained. “We’ve realized from the fans that Barb is important, and so we are going to treat her with the respect that she deserves.”
Chadwick Boseman talks the Black Panther trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
David Kushner on exploring the journey of Dungeons & Dragons
Golden Compass Philip Pullman on returning to His Dark Materials
Editor Karen Stevens: Space Is Not All Science Fiction
Fantasy author Myke Cole on grounding a medieval world with demons in it
Interview With Callie Bates, Author Of The Waking Land
One Thing That Colin Trevorrow Finds Sad About Working In The Star Wars Universe
Ron Howard Talks About Becoming A Star Wars director
Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Talks Gal Gadot, Sequel Hopes
Thandie Newton on How Westworld’s “Profound” Nude Scenes Gave Maeve He
Westworld Cinematographer Talks Lighting an Orgy Like a Louvre Painting


A Planet Is Found. At Least That's What We Hope It Is.
All Of Time And Space: 'Doctor Who' Season Two
Billionaire Paypal Founder Peter Thiel 'Bankrolls Woolly Mammoth Ressurection
Carnage set to be villain of Sony’s Venom movie. Kraven, Mysterio spinoffs in the works.
Cinci Exhibit Features Star Wars Costumes
Evan Peters' Quicksilver Confirmed To Appear In ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’
'Game Of Thrones' Won't Be Making Fans Happy When It Comes To ...
Isixhosasci-Fifilm Wows At Brics Film Festival In China
It's Time To Accept That Time Is Real €“ But There Are Ways To Briefly ...
James Cameron Sells You On Terminator 2: Judgment Day ...
James Cameron Talks About Seeing 'Terminator 2' In 3D
Jurassic World 2′s official title is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Marvel Takes Home 4 2017 Saturn Awards
More Futurama Is Apparently Happening, But Probably Not How We Expect
NASA Promises There Aren't Any Child Slaves On Mars
Nerd Parody Duo 'The Library Bards' Draw Full House At Buena Vista ...
Netflix Bringing The Defenders, Stranger Things, And More To Comic ...
New Doctor Who Set Pictures Tease A Fateful Return
Niko And The Sword Of Light: Amazon Animated Series Launches In ...
Original Director Of Shadow Of The Colossus Wants To Make Changes To The Remake
R2-D2 Sells For Nearly $3 Million Atstar Warsauction
Rey Now Featured In 'Star Wars' Themed Show At Walt Disney World
Rey Joins The Star Wars: Galaxy Far, Far Away Show At Hollywood ...
Robert Zemeckis Is Looking To Bring A Live Action 'The Jetsons" to TV
'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Arrives On Netflix In July 2017
Rosario Dawson Is Out On 'New Mutants' And Alice Braga Is In
Sci-Fi Beats Fantasy During College's 'Family Feud'
Self-Driving Police Patrol To Hit Dubai
'Sense8' Is Getting A Two-Hour Special Finale Next Year
'Starcraft: Remastered' Will Cost $15 When It Debuts On August 14
Symbiotic Relationship: Amy Pascal Now Claims The Sony Spider ...
That Will Smith Orc movie 'Bright' Will Have More Footage At SDCC
The 'Death Note' Backlash Is Already Under Way
'Valerian' Opening Scene Will Play Before Screenings Of 'Spider Homecoming"
William Gibson Sci-Fi Saga Hinterlands is Coming to The Screen
With Great Responsibility Comes No Plans For Another Introduction ...
The X Prize Is Now Backing Sci-Fi Like It Backs IRL Science


Blood Drive’s dystopian cannibal future is just the present, with more visible gore
Latest Transformers Flick Needs To Be Last
Spider-Man: Homecoming: A Fun 80s Stylish Coming Of Age Flick
The Witchwood Crown: A Return to the World That Inspired Game of Thrones


6 Sci-Fi tv Cliffhangers We Would've Loved To See Resolved
15 Cinematic Universes We'd Love To See
15 years after Minority Report: We're entering the dystopia - Jun. 23, 2017
Alex Jones Has A Chat About All The Slave Children Who Are Sent To Mars
Bio-Hacker, With Opal Travel Card Implant, Gets On Australian News.
Blade Runner Effect: 5 Sci-Fi Films Inspired by Ridley Scott's Classic
Can Science Fiction really, Realistically Help Build Better Futures?
Check Out San Diego Comic-Con Promos For The Defenders ...
Comic-Con 2017 Tv Panels: 'Game Of Thrones,' 'Westworld...
Denver's Comic Con Cosplayers Did Not Disappoint
Doctor Who Cliffhanger Will Likely Set-Up Christmas Special
Doctor Who: Steven Moffat's highs, lows and time-travelling hijinks
Doctor Who: Steven Moffat's 10 best episodes
Emmy experts predict Drama Supporting Actor: Can Ed Harris pull off an upset
Every Philip K. Dick Movie Adaptation, Ranked From Worst to Best
Five Toronto-Shot Sci-Fi TV Shows You Should Be Watching
Free - Complete Sf Short Story -- "The Riddle Of The Sphinx"
From Charles Darwin To Patti Smith, 10 Times Orphan Black Showed off It's Brains
Funko's Westworld and Game Of Thrones Sdcc Exclusives Revealed
Hacking On Mars In The Martian
He's Back! Terminator 2: Judgment Day Is Returning To Theaters
Here Are All The Must-Read Science Fiction And Fantasy Books Arriving In July
Here's Who You Want To Get Their Own Star Wars spin-Off Film
History Of Cyberpunk Rpgs (Part One: 1988-1992)
How Game Of Thrones Inspired Star Trek: Discovery
If you ever loved 'Doctor Who,' now is the time to watch
Independence Day: The Film That Defined Modern Summer Movies
Judge John Hodgman On Whether 'Mad Max' Is Science Fiction
Killjoys Cast: Killjoys Welcomes New Intergalactic Cast Members ...
Listen To Homecoming's Version Of The 1960S Spider-Man Theme
Mary Shelley Comes Back To Life
Minority Report 15 Years Later
Minority Report and 18 More Movies That Accurately Predicted Future Tech
Minority Report at 15 years: What did it get right?
Minority Report future, 15 years later (podcast)
Minority Report Holds Up Because It's About Surveillance, Not Gadgets
Minority Report: 6 predictions that came true, 15 years on
The Muslim Tradition Of Science Fiction and Speculative Stories
Nanotech's Big Ideas: From Tumor Zappers To Space Elevators
Neill Blomkamp Shakes Up The System With Oats Studios
Outsiders reinvented young adult fiction. Harry Potter made it inescapable.
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams: 7 reasons to get excited
Remembering Star Fox 64 On Its 20Th Anniversary
Remote Controlled: Westworld Creators, Evan Rachel Wood Talk Season 2
'Star Wars: Episode 8' Rumor: What Rey Will Use To Surpass Anakin ...
Star Wars Is All the Same Nowadays, and It's Becoming a Problem
Star Wars-Themed Band The Yavin 4 Stream New Album Imperial ...
Syfy’s space opera Killjoys returns tonight — here’s why you should watch
The Cycle Of Adaptation And Inspiration In Akira
Valerian - A Tactical Gamble Or A Stunning Sci-Fi success?
We Almost Got A James Gunn-Written Power Pack Comic
What Can We Learn From Dystopian Fiction About Climate Change?
What Do You Think The World Will Look Like In 2037?
What Interacting With Robots Might Tell Us About Human Nature
Where In The Worlds Has Seti Institute Been?
Why Colin Trevorrow Probably Won’t Suffer the Same Star Wars Fate as L
Why Disney Let Marvel Make Spider-Man For Sony
Why I Will Always Love Doctor Who 's Cybermen
Why Ron Howard's Han Solo Film Will Knock Our Socks Off
Why the wizarding world is a dystopian, totalitarian nightmare
The World's Top Sci-Fi Writers Predict What the World Will Look Like in 20 Years
YA genre fiction you should be reading
Your Guide To Sci-Fi And Fantasy Tv Premieres And Returns In July


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