Monday, July 3, 2017

3D Print: Laser Pistol

Source: Imgur

Check out this incredible 3D model.  It looks like something straight out of Borderlands or Doom, and it was designed, printed, and assembled entirely from scratch by Imgur user Kanohispider.
"Finished product first, because attention grabbing. I (somehow) managed to convince my friend to 3D print a Laser Pistol for me, so here's its journey."

"The first parts! After a lot of printing and persuasion, the first two pieces finally mate. And, like some birds (swans, I think?) they mate for life."
"Starting on the next piece. If I recall correctly, it took about 28 hours to print."
"This came out so beautifully, aside from the gigantic mess of support material I had to remove."
"No progress pictures of the next part. Here it is, mated with the first two parts. Unlike some birds, this part mates for like ten seconds at a time before falling out."

"Further weathering, including the ammo pack holders. I only ended up with one ammo pack, because I miiiiiight have accidentally melted the other one. Don't worry about it."
"All the base colors done! But it looks too nice, too new."

"Weathering most of the way done, just needs to be assembled."

"The whole thing splits into two main pieces for access to the batteries if I ever need to replace them."

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