Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Link Round-Up: May 21, 2014

Something Has Gone Wrong Here by FreeMind93

Infographic: Game of Thrones: A Chronology of the Houses: The London-based creative agency Fishfinger are big fans of Game of Thrones. They created this wonderful infographic that shows the chronology of the four main families (Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Targaryen) and the Night’s Watch over the last four seasons.

Interview: Hayley Campbell on her new Neil Gaiman book and the things in his attic

Interview: Kurtis Wiebe Talks "Rat Queens" and Why Adventurers Are The Worst.

10 Comics That Can Help You Understand Mental Illness

The Almighty Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Order Flow Chart by TrekBBS members Thrawn and 8of5 is an optional but relatively complete guide to the modern continuity in Star Trek novels, including "relaunch" titles and crossover series.  Incidentally, original Abramsverse novels remain an undiscovered country. But at, articles by Ellen Cheeseman-Meyer have been suggesting reasons to revisit the Original Series novels.

Anglophenia takes a look at The Poetry of Doctor Who

Disney Invents Robots That Swarm Into Colorful Animations

If David Lynch directed "Return of the Jedi", it may have looked like this.

In the mid-1940s, surrealist artist Salvador Dali began collaborating with Walt Disney on a short film. The idea was fully storyboarded and an 18 second test animation was completed by Disney animator John Hench. Soon after, the idea was shelved due to a changing of focus with Disney Feature Animation. Almost 60 years later, Walt's nephew Roy E. Disney (with consultation from the now 95-year old Hench) spearheaded an effort to finish the film. In 2003, the finished product, "Destino," premiered.

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