Monday, May 26, 2014

Comic Round-Up: May 26, 2014

Marvel Comic Heroes by Ryan M Barger

Interview: Comicosity discusses MPH & Millarworld with comic legend Mark Millar

Interview: Legend Brian Michael Bendis on Sexism and a Nonwhite Spider-Man

Interview: Ian Edginton on mechanical universes and Brass Sun

News: First Wolverine Comic Art Is Sold for Nearly $660,000

5 Comics You Should Read After Seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past

5 Constantine Comics to Prep You for the TV Show
BoingBoing remembers infamous imaginary games from science fiction.

IGN picks the 10 Most Anticipated Graphic Novels of 2014

Joshua Yehl of IGN makes an impassioned argument that The Death of Wolverine Matters, even in the face of the inevitable resurrection. "After all, it’s how and why he dies -- heroic sacrifice, refusing to quit, taking down a villain -- that truly matters, not that he will one day live again."

Matthew Derman takes a look back at wordless storytelling in comics ranging from Joe Casey’s Sex to Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising.

Minecraft in space: A new generation of authentic simulations is inspiring a generation of interstellar explorers.

Most mainstream comics have a serious problem in regard to their treatment of women (see Women In Refrigerators), but DC seems to be doing particularly bad job lately.  So, you may have heard that David Goyer said some things about She-Hulk? And those things were...lets be generous here...brain-splittingly stupid?  Here’s Stan Lee’s response.  This is particularly important because Goyer co-authored what will be the first appearance of Wonder Woman on the big screenTime explains the scandal.

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