Friday, April 18, 2014

Posters: The TARDIS Key

"I made this piece for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who using my own TARDIS key collection. It started a a project to archive my key collection and then grew into a celebratory piece.

The Classic Series Yale keys are as close to the show as I could get them. Using screen caps and production photos many of us on the Replica Prop Forum were able to match many of the keys used on screen. However, due to lack of production photos and low quality film footage for some of the keys it's hard to get 100% accurate details on. The First and Sixth Doctor being two of the hardest (the Sixth may not have been seen on screen. I am still double checking). So due to this some of the Yale Keys are close enough or idealized versions of the classic keys.

The Classic Series special shape keys (Third, Fourth and Seventh) are accurate replicas - made by Mooncrest Models -to match the screen used props perfectly."

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