Monday, April 28, 2014

Short Film: R.U.R.: Genesis

R.U.R.: GENESIS is an retro sci-fi thriller based on Czech playwright Karel Capek's seminal science fiction story, R.U.R., which Capek began writing in 1919.  The story is set fifty years into the future. In Capek's version of the year 1969, genetically engineered workers inhabit the Earth. The perfect, made-to-order people – which would eventually become the basis for the concept of robots – are seen as lesser beings that lack basic human rights and provide a vehicle for commentary on modern politics, progress, and relationships.

The story was the inspiration for a wide range of work, including Metropolis and Blade Runner.  In this take on the classic, writer-director James Kerwin imagines us what 1969 looked like to 1919, while preserving a bit of the mid-century swank that we all love.

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