Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Music Video: We Are Explorers

"We Are Explorers" by Cut Copy from Explorers3D

The music industry has been quick to use 3D printing to market new albums. Back in December, Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke 3D printed vinyl records at a pop-up shop in London to mark the release of his LP.  Now, indie electronic band Cut Copy has released a music video starring neon green cubist figures created using 3D printers roaming the streets of L.A.  The video was animated with stop-motion techniques.

According to ToneDeaf, "To get the mini-explorers to glow, the figurines were printed in a special UV-reactive material so that when Director of Photography Sesse Lind shot them at night, under black light bulbs, they gave off the necessary fluoro effect."

Cut Copy isn’t just using 3D printers to create elements in their video.  They are also encouraging their fans to recreate these little guys by posting a BitTorrent Bundle that includes the 3D printing files, footage, storyboards, stop-motion schematics, and music they themselves used to create their video.  The band hopes that people will print the characters and shoot their own footage.

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