Monday, April 29, 2013

Video: Daclotype

Seattle-based photographer Dan Carrillo provides this mesmerizing demonstration of the daguerrotype process. Check out some of the results of his work on Flickr.  It took a workshop, a lot of jury-rigging, and almost two years of shopping around for components for Carrillo to get started, but creating his daguerreotypes is almost an art in itself.
"There aren't very many things in this world that last that long. Especially in modern times where things are so disposable. Everything is just used and thrown out. So, in the digital realm, well, it's so easy to take a picture. It's so easy also to forget about it."

"on a whim, i took my camera down to dan carrillo's studio to document his wet plate collodion process. i wasn't sure exactly what i would do with the footage, but knew both the story and subject matter were compelling. at the time, dan had shot close to 30 portraits and was using a burke and james 8x10."

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