Thursday, April 25, 2013

Installation: Light and String

Ogle uses specially-lit fishing line to create fragile three-dimensional shapes that make it look as if you've just stepped onto the set of Tron.
"Much of my work to date has dealt with exploring notions of materiality, of permanence and of the perception of objects in space. Using light as a sculptural medium, my work is innately ephemeral. It begins as a set of strict mathematical procedures that are played out within an environment. The space simultaneously shapes the work and becomes manipulated by it.

Through negating material properties, my current practice seeks a mode of fragility. It rests on the edge between a sculptural form and an environmental effect of light within a space; a context from which the work is inseparable. Such pieces utilise both ambient and artificial light, channeling it and molding it into sculptural works that completely divorce themselves from static material: sculptures without mass and forms without structures."

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