Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Link Round-Up: April 24, 2013

Can fountain pens be art? If you have something set aside for a rainy day,
like for a new SUV, why not buy yourself a pen instead?

Commenting on the Museum of Modern Art’s recent acquisition of Dwarf Fortress, Bill Coberly muses how the game might function as spectator sport.

Cubify Wants To Domesticate The 3-D Printer: Cubify's colorful 3D printers look like coffee makers, and that's exactly the point—they're a natural fit for your home. And they might be just the ticket to making this 3D printing thing stick with normal people. In addition to a personal printer that costs less than $1,300, Cubify runs a cloud printing service, an e-commerce site where you can buy items, and recently launched an open API for developers who want to build Cubify-based web apps. Still on the fence about 3D printers? Check out these 9 Incredible Objects That Prove 3D Printers Are Totally Worth it.

"Each prime number is represented by a bright, white square, whereas a non-prime ("composite") is grey. Visitors can select difference spatial arrangements of these numbers, ranging from several variants of the well-known Ulam Spiral, over the Archimedian spiral, to the more sophisticated 3D Hilbert curves." Prime Explorer, via the generally-quite-nifty Information Aesthetics.  If you like this, watch this video of the Ulam Spiral Visualization.

Hanksy, underground street fartist.

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