Friday, December 28, 2012

Link Round-Up: December 28, 2012

Dead End Thrills has posted a collections of Minecraft wallpapers

News: A giant Lance of Longinus is currently on display in Tokyo's Sky Tree Town in honor of Evangelion 3.0.

HR Giger's Tarot of the Underworld. The 2000 reissue of the cards is out of print, but { feuilleton } points to a few reasonably priced decks for Giger collectors. You can see all the cards at Cunei Media, but they are on the erotic side and a few are slightly NSFW.

How to carve a puzzle out of an apple.

San Francisco-based artist Josh Ellingson was commissioned to create Simone and Cthulhu, a work depicting Simone Davalos taming a “Cthulhu-like circus demon.” The piece was requested by her husband, David Calkins. On his blog, Ellingson writes, “Simone and David are always wrangling metaphorical demons with their annual events like Robogames and Barbot.”

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